Aladdin Planet Hollywood : Stuffing the Genie Back In the Lamp

Can you polish a turd if you have a big enough budget?

Posted by Chuckmonster

Construction on the Planet Hollwood transition began in October of 2005 with a 12 month time frame for completion. A/PH honchos have said they would like to keep 2/3 of all shops and casino operations online and minimize guest disruption. The Desert Passage strip frontage will be gutted as that prime walking traffic acerage is opened up to entice and invite more wandering traffic. The question is, how will PH handle the Mosque minnarette styled atriums, doorways and windows that appear throughout the Desert Passage, Hotel/Casino public areas and the entire exterior of the building without tearing the whole thing down?

The answer? Simple... paint it to look like Excalibur and use Bally's color schemes.

Uh... wow? Nothing says underwhelming more than a coat of paint - particularly such "outlandish" colors as white and baby blue. Planet Hospital is more like it.

So as we slowly watch the transition from one Aladdin mess to a Planet Hollywood mess over the next few years let us quickly remind ourselves of the "mixed metaphors before your very eyes magic show" currently playing nightly at Treasure Island/TI courtesy of the fine folks MGM Mirage. With an ageing and already long in the scurvy ridden tooth Pirate fantasyland resort hanging around their necks like Coleridge's albatross, MGM Mirage did what any self-respecting casino operator would do - buy the old Pirate a pair of new earrings (price? A buck an ear of course... har har). The pirate has since mostly walked the plank replaced by the faux sexy TI island of desire and loud house music mash ups. The casino is still a mixed message semi-disaster, where the north wing (Canter's Deli/Tangerine area) looking like a sci-fi bachelor pad directly out of "2001:A Space Odyssey" and the South End (Mist, the casino proper) still co-mingling the tired pirate nonsense with even worse loud house music. With Mirage's redesign a more pressing matter, TI hasn't gotten the complete luvin' it desperately needs, and will languish a little longer - at least until the space between Mirage's completion and Project CityCenter's construction is firing on all cylinders.

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I believe they will be trying to go after the Hard Rock crowd with this joint. This is why they have the tribal floor markings. Makes them look edgy. Wanna place odds on them installing a tattoo parlor/piercing shop in thar?

Very astute writeup. Speaking of turd-polishing I am eagerly awaiting a review of the old San Remo, now a "Hooters". I understand that has been bungled to the Nth degree. It is most likely that with limited resources the Planet Hollywood project will fail as well. There is not a lot of demand for this brand that I can see; certainly not enough to build a casino around the theme.
The writer also hits the nail on the head when he wonders about the wisdom of the Nevada Gaming Commission. It would be in their interests to approve projects with a good likelihood of success, not failure. Every failed project tarnishes Las Vegas's image further, what with negative reviews and disappointed tourists.
P.S. Someone ought to start taking bets as to when Harrah's will control the entire Strip.

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