Christmas Dinner in a Mall: The Palm at Caesars Forum Shops

Who would have thunk you could get Lobster and service in a mall?

Posted by Miss Monkay

My ribeye was served with the bone and as promised, the meat was incredibly flavorful. The difference from the filet was apparent immediately but exchange, however was fat. While the rib eye did not have much grisle as promised, there was still some fat. I did enjoy the taste sensation happening in my mouth, but texture is very important for me, and I believe I will be returning to my standard filet after this.

I was a bit disapointed that the potato was split for us but did appreciate the effort. Visually, it was not as appealing as a whole potato; half a potato, split side down like on a naked plate. It could have used some garnish to dress it up, but it was otherwise tasty. The asparagus was steamed perfectly, leaving just enough 'snap' to enjoy properly and hollandaise was served on the side.

After our main course, we were offered a peek at the desert tray. We were planning on catching Avenue Q over at the Wynn and were running pretty short on time. In the end, we choose dessert over rushing as it was meant to be christmas dinner and rushing simply wouldn't do. The dessert tray that was presented to us was filled with cakes of monsterous portions which was declared 'acutal serving size' by our server who clearly had been asked this question before. We opted to share the creme brulee along with a couple cups of coffee. The brulee that was presented to us was creamy and cool on the inside with a crispy and perfectly burnt carmelized shell. The one downside was the lack of vanilla bean, a dissapointment, as it really makes a difference in taste and appearance Despite that it was still a nice way to end the meal.

Atfer the remains of the brulee was removed, we were presented with our check with our server letting us know that the desert was on the house as a first-timers discount. We were very pleased and felt special, until we saw that 'First time discount' was an actual line item on the check. Suddenly, we did not feel so special; It was an automatic thing. Nice touch, for sure, but my advice would be to not make it so obvious that it was a standard thing.

All in all the meal was exactly what we were looking and was declared another succesful Vegas Christmas dinner.

Palm Restaurant
3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Forum Shops at Caesars
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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