Review: Las Vegas Little Black Book by David de Montmollin

A Guide to A Guy's Guide To The Perfect Vegas Weekend

Posted by Chuckmonster

"Baby... take your teeth out" - Frank Zappa

In the most primal sense, woman sleep with men that they could potentially see as being the father to their children. When they look at you and talk to you they're basically sizing up your genetics, taste, intelligence, patience, sense of humor and graciousness. They're comparing you to their daddy, their best ex-boyfriend, favorite movie star, and Brad Pitt all at once. Needless to say if you show up at the club an unkempt mess, with poor hygene, missing teefth, stupid football jersey and sweatpants on and a room key to the Riviera none of them are gonna give you a peice of their action unless they're an unkempt mess, with poor hygene, missing teefth, stupid football jerseys sweatpants and a room key from Circus-Circus. You don't want to wake up at Circus-Circus with a toofthless wonder now do you? Then again, those gums are great.

Of course sex is just a part of the appeal to Las Vegas Little Black Book, but there are numerous other aspects to the full on Vegas guys experience that are covered in it as well. LVLBB hands out sturdy strategies and recommendations for numerious activities including sports betting (Stardust), shows (Blue Man Group, Penn & Teller), titty shows (La Femme at MGM), after hours clubs (Drai's - Barbary Coast), gentleman's clubs (Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse Too) brothels and bars. There's lots of stellar information here written by a guy who lives breathes and loves Vegas. Yah, Anthony Curtis may be the Las Vegas Advisor, but he probably wouldn't know a blowjob if it sucked the end of his cock right off. He may be able to sell you some coupons for a handjob from a hooker in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower, but seriously folks... his schtick is for grannies, not lean mean sex machines like you and your Meatly Crue.

Let's leave it at this, if you're a guy and you want to have a fucking awesome time in Vegas with your buddies, buy this book. You may not follow it's instructions to the letter, but you'll get first rate advice from an Vegas expert who loves the same things about this town that you do... he just lives there and does it every night.

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