Hooters Casino Las Vegas: San Remo Gets A Boob Job

Exclusive Construction Photos of Hooters Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hooters Las Vegas Casino Construction

We wander past the casino towards the pool. This place is all tore up. Ceiling tiles are missing, slot machines strewn about, tools all over the place. Dust, dirt, boards. I always wanted to wander through Wynn Las Vegas before it was completed, and this is probably somewhat (albeit remotely) similar in experience.

Hooters Las Vegas Casino Pool

The hallway we were in led to the pool, which was locked. Tons of construction, roped up Palm trees, cement tools, dirt. It's under construction.

Hooters Las Vegas Casino

Back inside, we passed by another "desk" area, which I would venture is the "Hooters Club Card" sign up area. The whole area was completed, with a burn in stencil of the Hooters Owl and logo right on top of the desk.

Hooters Las Vegas Casino

Also painted in the center of the rear casino floor was this invitation to return to Hooters in February 2006 for its grand opening. Despite some initial trepidation about the Hooters rebranding of San Remo, we know that this property really needs something, and Hooters just might be the perfect dorky sexy fun for it. Bring on the Hot Pants!

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On my first trip to Vegas, I stayed at the San Remo. Thought it was pretty nice,(what did I know then?). Anyway, saw "Showgirls of Magic", (back in the day, when they had a "family" show, and a adult show). The only noteworthy was the day I was checking out, I met this girl named Stacey. Had some breakfast and some booty! Hey, Stacey! If you're out there, take care of yourself! Love, Pooch.

We're going out there in May. Hopefully it won't be transformed yet because this is one hotel my BF wants to see. Since it involves boobs. Anything that involves boobs involves him. LoL
When I was out there in 2006 I went to the Hooters and it wasn't the greatest of fun...

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