Hooters Casino Las Vegas: San Remo Gets A Boob Job

Exclusive Construction Photos of Hooters Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hooters Las Vegas Credo

This lovely sign, next to the registration desk adjacent to the casino, states the Hooters credo: "The Relentless pursuit to provide a fun and irreverent experience, unlike any other, for Hooters family and friends alike." Where do I sign up? The staff at the hotel desk were actually checking in visitors (11pm on christmas eve?) We're only hoping that they didn't pay more than $20/night for a room as this place is a construction site, not a hotel. They surely aren't making any money off the slot machines or video poker.

Hooters Las Vegas Casino Pit

Stealth photo of the main casino pit. This place smells like a woodworking shop and the slot machines are COVERED in a thin layer of dust despite slot techs continually running around with handi-wipes swatting the work debris away. Further back into the casino, the sounds of Star Traxx karaoke is blaring about from the bar to the right. There are 5 women on stage having a helluva great time singing "Me and Bobby McGee" - it's a party y'all. Further beyond the bar, the floor switches from bare concrete to a finely stained smooth natural wood, sort of like the kind you might find in a dance studio or a concert hall. Every three steps through the casino reveals a completely different state of construction, a bevy of blackjack tables (open, with no players) are strewn about in a back room along with a trail of orange "hooters" footprints. At least they're aware this place is a disaster. Out of the blue a blond haired waitress with a huge smile and even huger tits wrapped in a hand cut cleavage enhanced Hooters T-shirt whistles past chirping the siren song "Cocktails?". She vanishes, we wander. I'm getting the feeling that when this place opens, its gonna rule... not just the waitresses and hotpants, but its got a log-cabin meets Ikea kinda vibe that just isn't what you'd expect in a casino.

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On my first trip to Vegas, I stayed at the San Remo. Thought it was pretty nice,(what did I know then?). Anyway, saw "Showgirls of Magic", (back in the day, when they had a "family" show, and a adult show). The only noteworthy was the day I was checking out, I met this girl named Stacey. Had some breakfast and some booty! Hey, Stacey! If you're out there, take care of yourself! Love, Pooch.

We're going out there in May. Hopefully it won't be transformed yet because this is one hotel my BF wants to see. Since it involves boobs. Anything that involves boobs involves him. LoL
When I was out there in 2006 I went to the Hooters and it wasn't the greatest of fun...

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