Hooters Casino Las Vegas: San Remo Gets A Boob Job

Exclusive Construction Photos of Hooters Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hooters Las Vegas Front Entrance

The main entrance of Hooters has been done up in polyurethaned natural wood. Inside the vestibule some of the woodwork was still yet to be stained. We'd venture to guess that the steps and handrails will be repainted (hotpants orange?) and some huge Hooters Owl throw carpets will announce the entrance to the hot pants slot machine wonderland within.

Hooters Las Vegas Front Bar

Immediately inside the main entrance is a front bar, complete with orange Hooters hanging light fixtures, faux roof, many video poker terminals (including one at lower height for wheelchair access - very thoughtful.) The main casino area is completely cordoned off, however we heard cheering and casino noises coming from the far end of the room. To the left of the front bar (not pictured) is a small lounge and what may possibly be Dan Marino's restaurant all in various stages of incomplete.

Hooters Las Vegas Front Bar

This is the opposite side of the front bar, more Video Poker terminals, and the hotel check-in desk behind it to the right. The floor surrounding the Front Bar is a marbleish tile jobby. It is unclear if the other areas of the room will be carpeted.

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On my first trip to Vegas, I stayed at the San Remo. Thought it was pretty nice,(what did I know then?). Anyway, saw "Showgirls of Magic", (back in the day, when they had a "family" show, and a adult show). The only noteworthy was the day I was checking out, I met this girl named Stacey. Had some breakfast and some booty! Hey, Stacey! If you're out there, take care of yourself! Love, Pooch.

We're going out there in May. Hopefully it won't be transformed yet because this is one hotel my BF wants to see. Since it involves boobs. Anything that involves boobs involves him. LoL
When I was out there in 2006 I went to the Hooters and it wasn't the greatest of fun...

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