Hooters Casino Las Vegas: San Remo Gets A Boob Job

Exclusive Construction Photos of Hooters Las Vegas

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VegasTripper Erick (a former Las Vegan) said to me once "The first time I went to Vegas I stayed at the San Remo!" The first time Miss Monkay played craps was at San Remo - she got the dice and threw em for 40 minutes making money for all of our super poor friends - ain't that lady luck. I'm sure there are tens of thousands more stories about San Remo just like this. The San Remo was essentially a casino with training wheels - grinding out a living in the shadow of Tropicana, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Excalibur, LuXor and the hip swinging Hard Rock Hotel. The San Remo was a place with great action at low minimums in a completely unpretentious atmosphere and cheap rooms taboot. With such a personal history, we've always felt that San Remo was a very underutilized property, a very good location for an investor with cash to build up into something special... never in a million years did we think that investor would be Hooters Restaurants Inc. - purveyors of hot pants, hot wings and big boobs nationwide. With great wonder we decided to wander over to Hooters/San Remo and check in on its extreme facelift into Hooters Las Vegas.

Note: Some of the photos are a little sub-standard, they were taken in stealth mode right next to security guards while whisking past a bank of dust covered slot machines.

San Remo Las Vegas Marquee Sign

The classic San Remo marquee announces the coming of Hooters in February 2006, two months before these photos were taken. Arriving at 11pm on Christmas Eve, we didn't expect to find much happening at Hooters and the empty parking lot confirmed it. This place was a ghost town... from the outside it looked like it might be closed as some dust covered construction trucks were parked right near the front entrance.

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On my first trip to Vegas, I stayed at the San Remo. Thought it was pretty nice,(what did I know then?). Anyway, saw "Showgirls of Magic", (back in the day, when they had a "family" show, and a adult show). The only noteworthy was the day I was checking out, I met this girl named Stacey. Had some breakfast and some booty! Hey, Stacey! If you're out there, take care of yourself! Love, Pooch.

We're going out there in May. Hopefully it won't be transformed yet because this is one hotel my BF wants to see. Since it involves boobs. Anything that involves boobs involves him. LoL
When I was out there in 2006 I went to the Hooters and it wasn't the greatest of fun...

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