Featurette: First Photos from South Coast

Another Coast casino opens on South Las Vegas Boulevard

Posted by Chuckmonster

(Above: Jackpot #2 - $150)

Drink service was a little scattershot, as to be expected on the third day of operation, one waitress vanished after taking our order. At locals casinos they waitresses say "Drinks?" instead of the siren song "Coctails?" Not really sure why this is the case.

And the moment you've all been waiting for: THE CARPET. It was soft with a good pile much like the chairs at the slot machines. Give em 5 months before both the carpet and the chairs will be flattened.

All in all South Coast is a pretty nice place for a quick drop-in. If you're budget conscious, and want "strip adjacent" without paying strip prices, this might be a good off the beaten path alternative. Good action, pleasant staff, and its completely unpretentious.

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