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VT: Ok, it's time for the Lightning Round.... 10 quickies, we ask you answer - don't think too much.

VT: Favorite Beatle:
JV: Pete Best.

VT: Why?
JV: I have a soft spot for the also-rans.

VT: Chris Moneymaker: Fact or Fiction?
JV: The jury's still out. But Greg Raymer? Fact!

VT: Bitch match: Helmuth vs. Matusow - who wins?
JV: We all lose.

VT: Best Poker Room in Vegas:
JV: Bellagio.

VT: Best Poker Room in the internets:
JV: Ultimatebet.

VT: Who's your Captain? Kirk or Picard:
JV: Kirk.

VT: What's the last full CD/LP/8track/Album you listened to in its entirety?
JV: Bruce Springsteen's Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. I'm listening to it now.

VT: Favorite adult beverage:
JV: British beer.

VT: Funniest word ever:
JV: Insegrevious. Look it up.

VT: Word you've invented that you’re most proud of:
JV: Oh, there are so many. I'll go with flophead and Omaholic. But I also really like harasshole, any authority hard-on who gives you a hard time.

VT: The best Las Vegas site on the Internets is:
JV: Uhm...

VT: You had to think about it? Sheesh. Thus ends the Lightning Round. Just a couple more questions then we'll pack up the chips. What books would you recommend to a budding poker player to read (in order they should read them)?

JV: Well, all the Killer Poker titles, of course. Outside my own oeuvre, I recommend Harrington, Cloutier & MacEvoy, and the estimable Mike Caro. Read Caro first, Harrington last. Of course, don't neglect Super/System or Sklansky & Malmuth. Man, there's so much literature these day, and it all has something to teach -- you really can't go wrong with any of it. When I was coming up, the only poker texts were S/S and oddball titles like John Fox's Play Poker, Quit Work and Sleep Till Noon. I remember reading George Percy's, Seven-card Stud: the Waiting Game back in 1987 or so and being absolutely knocked on my ass. That was the first time I realized that the secret to playing poker was not playing poker; i.e., folding bad hands.

VT: So what does the future hold for John Vorhaus? (Here's your chance to plug your upcoming projects)

JV: Killer Poker Online/2 will be out next year. I'm writing Killer Poker No Limit now. When I'm done with that, I'm going to write a "how-to whodunit," a murder mystery cum teaching text called Killer Poker: This Game is Murder. I'm so excited to write it -- it's going to be a fascinating challenge but, I'm certain, really worthwhile.

In January I return to the air as color commentator for poker broadcasts on Fox Sports Net, so be on the lookout for that.

Beyond that... more magazine work, and my ongoing presence at, where I am soi disant News Ambassador. Anyone who wants to visit me there should look for JVorhaus (and anyone who wants to sign up there should definitely drop that name). Or you can pop by my own website,, and have a peek inside "Vorza's Brain."

VT: Thanks John, for taking the time to chat with us, and thank you even more for your great series of Killer Poker books. We highly suggest that our poker playing readers add Killer Poker to their gaming bookshelves, it not only will improve your game, but also improve your life. Thanks John!

JV: tyty. -jv

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