Here Comes The Sun : Cirque du Soleil Meets The Beatles

Conjecture and Prestidigitation About The Beatles/Cirque Show Coming to Mirage in 2006

Posted by Chuckmonster

So what does this mean?

Absolutely nothing. Seriously, I don't have connections with Cirque du Soleil so I have zero idea what they're planning. But based on some interviews, lyrical content, the stage design, news clippings and general artistic principles, I can say with some degree of confidence that these 16 songs will form the core of the Cirque du Soleil show coming to the Mirage in early 2006. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna put my 'Cirque Overload Indifference' aside and plunk down $120 for seats to the show. Cirque du Soleil as a Las Vegas attraction is clearly beginning to approach the denoumont of its timeline, they've got a lot riding on this show. Can they deliver the goods? or is Cirque du Soleil doomed by overexposure and the foul reverberations of its distant cousin Le Reve. The answer will only come in time.

Will 'Zumanity' 'O' 'Ka' and 'Mystere' still be baffling and inspiring crowds in 2030? Probably not. Will Cirque du Soleil change the way the world thinks and percieves everything? Probably not. Will hundreds of thousands of fans pour into the street holding candles and singing songs when 'Zumanity' closes? Probably not.

As for the Beatles, their place in history is guaranteed, forever... like Beethoven, DaVinci, Einstein, Ghandi and Wayne Newton ahem Jesus . Even without the mighty powers of John Lennon and George Harrison on this earthly plane, the Beatles relevance remains undiminished and growing 40 years later. Will this Cirque show be a "merging of the myths" as the Cirque PR team wishes to spin it or another episode of a talented ensemble hoping to breathe new life into their careers by releasing an album of "cover songs" that hitch their trailer to someone elses train. We will soon find out.

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