Here Comes The Sun : Cirque du Soleil Meets The Beatles

Conjecture and Prestidigitation About The Beatles/Cirque Show Coming to Mirage in 2006

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Apparently, George Harrison and Cirque founder Guy Laliberté were fast friends - literally - both shared an interest in Formula One auto racing. The idea for a Cirque/Beatles collaboration first came up between them in the years just prior to George's passing. December 16, 2000 George brings Ringo to a Cirque du Soleil performance in London. February 18 2001 George again attends a Cirque du Soleil show, this time in Vegas. Shortly thereafter McCartney attended one as well. After George's death in November 2001, discussions between Cirque and Apple Corps seemed to get more intense, with Ringo, Paul, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison all getting on board. Also joining the discussions was the Beatles longtime producer Sir George Martin, who has taken over the reigns as Musical Director. Over the next few years various concepts were bandied about including a live re-enactment of the 1968 animated feature "Yellow Submarine". The "Yellow Submarine" concept was shot down for being "too 60's" - it still would've been cool to see some 40 foot tall Apple Bonkers strolling about on stage (we may still).

From various interviews news tidbits that have leaked since the Cirque/Beatles collaboration was officially announced on October 14, 2004 (plus a large dollop of pure conjecture) we are able (somewhat) to construct what may be a possible angle for the Cirque/Beatles production. This isn't brain surgery folks, its actually obvious, what we don't know are the "details" of the staging and what the complete song list may be - although we can guess.

The linchpin of this theory is an interview on CBS newsmag 60 Minutes with Cirque du Soleil's Vice-President of Creation, Gilles St-Croix. In the interview, St-Croix let slip about two of the songs being considered for inclusion in the production. Of the hundreds of Beatles compositions possible, he singled out two off the top of his head: 'Sun King' and 'Here Comes The Sun.' Notice a theme? Yes, they're both songs are on Abbey Road - but their common theme is: SUN. Did you know that "Sun" is the English equivalent of "Soleil". These guys are GENIUSES!!! With this little bit of information it is quite simple to deduce what may be the concept of the Cirque/Beatles production.

Since this collaboration is based on aural material, you can bet that the audio production will be exquisite. In the video interview with George Martin on the Cirque website, he promises (with excitement) that the Beatles will be "heard as they have never been heard before" - possibly alluding to extended remixes or breakdowns of various songs as well as multiphonic stereo panning and placement of instruments in a 3-D domain. The promo video does show Sir George and Cirque bigwigs yukking it up inside of Abbey Road Studios control room. Additionally, the video contains clips from "In My Life", "Strawberry Fields", and "Get Back" as well as "Here Comes the Sun" during the historical Cirque clip montage.

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