Here Comes The Sun : Cirque du Soleil Meets The Beatles

Conjecture and Prestidigitation About The Beatles/Cirque Show Coming to Mirage in 2006

Posted by Chuckmonster

Sometime in 1976, when I was the ripe old age of 7, my family and I made a Sunday afternoon trip to Caldor - the 70s New York equivalent of K-Mart or Target. Both my brother, sister and I (I'm the baby) had saved up our allowance for one purpose, and one purpose only - to purchase Beatles albums on vinyl. My brother picked out Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, my sister "Magical Mystery Tour" and me... "The Beatles" (aka The White Album). We scurried home that Sunday afternoon and fired up the tube driven Fisher 400 stereo amplifier, stacked our records on top of each other using that bizarre mechanizm that dropped a new disc when the stylus arm returned at the end of a side. For 4 hours we sat there transfixed, actually 3 for them 4 for me - they gave up on The White Album somewhere in the middle of side 3. From that moment on, my life had changed... dalliances with the Monkees were done, as was my desire to become a professional baseball player, replaced by near virtuosic air guitar using a badminton racquet. In the ensuing 30 years I've maintained my relationship with the Beatles, learning all their songs, scouring for bootleg studio recordings, reading numerous tomes and interviews, box sets, re-issues... general fan behavior. I wouldn't say that I am a Beatlemaniac, but I do believe that their music has shaped my general outlook on life, politics, drugs, art, philosophy and music itself. The Beatles kick ass. My favorite? Then: Ringo, Now: John followed by George and Ringo. The other guy annoys me.

Confession #1
I have a confession to make, for all the times i've been to Vegas and all the time I've been writing for VegasTripping, I've never seen a Cirque du Soleil show (in person). I like to gamble. I like to drink. Shows, to me, take time away from those two things, therefore... I don't go. I have, however, seen Cirque du Soleil shows on video and TV. Is this a fair medium to witness the spectacle? Hardly, but I think you can get the "basic idea" of what Cirque does from these media types.

Confession #2
I don't really give a shit about Cirque du Soleil. I'm not saying they suck, or are talentless, or don't have intrinsic value, but I AM saying that their ouevre does not connect with my emotional/artistic sensibilities. I find their aire to be a little self-absorbed and smarter-and-more-francais-than-you - like an aesthetically obsessed, content-deprived art school dork. I can make this judgement because I went to art school - I am an art school dork - takes one to know one.

With all that being said - The Beatles Idolotry and the Cirque indifference, I find myself equally excited and repulsed at the prospects of this new Cirque du Soleil / Beatles show that is slated to open in a brand new 'in-the-round' theater at The Mirage in Summer 2006. I fret about somersaulting water nymphs frolicing about (angularly) to the orchestral freak out in the middle of "Day In The Life". I am pained by the vision of high balancing movable junk sculptures adorned with greased men doing contortions to the monstrous Ringo Starr drum solo at the end of Abbey Road's Side Two. I'm speechless at the possibility of lock-step ballerinas prancing (still angularly, yet now slowly) in costumes that are part "heroin chic" and part "stolen from the wardrobe of metal band Ratt circa 1986" to the twisted LSD funk of "I Am The Walrus." I have lots of worries, but of all the Cirque shows that may possibly break me away from a loose action table of $20-40 Texas Hold 'Em, this will surely be the one.

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