Trip Report: Vegas Kidnapping

I was abducted to Las Vegas

Posted by Miss Monkay

TripReport: Vegas Kidnapping Sat July 31 3:00 am
We all split up and hit our respective rooms. C-mo and I, peck-ish after a night of gaming, stop by the gift shop looking for snacks. Unfortunately, unless you are into spending $7 on a small box of pretzels, your choices are limited. I manage to find a bag of homemade potato chips at the cafe next door for $4. I grab them and we head up stairs. Once in the room, we chill by the window, admiring the view and eating the best chips I have ever tasted in my entire life. Yum! Well worth the $4.

Sun July 31 11:00 am
Chuckmonster and I check out via video checkout and head downstairs to meet up with Ace. Sleazy and Guido had an early flight so we said our goodbyes the night before. We decide to hit the buffet before heading back to Los Angeles. We give up on the buffet after realizing the line is close to 90 minutes long. We head back to the Terrace Pointe Cafe, which is documented here. Afterwards, we hit a couple of slots just to get rid of the spare singles and fivers in our wallets.

Sunday July 31 2:00 pm
Homebound and the end of a fabulously surprising and exciting weekend...or so we think.

Sunday, July 31 4:30 pm
We are leaving Victorville after stopping for a coffee. As we pull out of the parking row we are parked in, Ace checks left, then right. Since there is a huge shrub blocking a good portion of his view, he takes it slow and pulls out. Suddenly, there is a blasting of horn and screetching of tires. We look to our left in shock. A lady in a huge white pick-up is getting out of the driver's seat screaming, 'You ruined my food, you motherfucker!' She began coming at Ace. Now, something about Ace. He is the nicest guy you will ever come across and to hear someone call him a 'motherfucker' really shocked me, despite my propensity to speaking the French. Ace, looking confused, looks to C-mo for advice.

'Just go,' he tells Ace, 'Fuck her. She was driving too fast.'

We pull out and as we are leaving the lot to go to the gas station directly next door, I hear honking. I dismiss it as a car alarm and don't even mention it. We pull up next to a gas island and Ace, turning off the car, catches a glimpse of the rear view mirror. His jaw drops open. He turns to us and says, 'She fucking followed us.'

Then we hear it.

'You owe me $5, motherfucker!! Come back here, you ruined my food. Five dollars! You owe me!' Screaming at the top of her lungs.

Again, Ace turns to C-mo for advice. C-mo suggests that we just get the hell out of there and gas up. Ace starts Otto up, and starts to take off. The screaming chick, who at this point had gotten out of her car and was heading towards us, screaming for her $5.

As we pull away we laugh gleefully at this Lane Meyer moment.

'Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Doooooolllaaaaaaaaaars. You oooooooooooooowe meeeeeee!!!!!'

Thank you, Chuckmonster, Ace, Sleazy and Guido for a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise. The Wynn was fantastic, the room even better and the company the best!

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You have got some AMAZING friends! That was a great story.... I think I'll pass it along to some of my friends to give them a hint as to what to do for my next birthday! LOL!


Perfect assessment of Wynn stayed there twice, since it opened. Only thing, comps r impossible to get. And playing on the golf course they r rude. Seems $5oo dollars spent is no big deal. It's probaly only an accomidation for "whales". Note, however, the Newer North Tower at Bellagio has almost as fabulous bedrooms, and MGM/Mirage is throwing out invites on their properties like crazy. I just received invite for 3 comped nites Halloween wk.-end. Also had 3 comped nites in Aug. (Yeah, I know it's hot as hell that wk., but Wynn discounted to $179.00too. I tend to go for g5 nites 4 day trips.) I play Black Jack, but don't get rated. I fool around w/ the 5 cent slots and get rated. Must have put in enuff for those comps, I guess. Didn't think so. Thank u Wynn for helping these other properties get aggresive looking for clients. All in all, I love the bedrooms at Wynn, but there is something about staying dead center in middle of strip. Ah , those fountains, now shoot up pass the height of the effiel tower.

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