Trip Report: Vegas Kidnapping

I was abducted to Las Vegas

Posted by Miss Monkay

TripReport: Vegas Kidnapping Friday July 29 8:00 pm
Chuckmonster and I are at the tables. We lost Ace some time before and when I inquire about him, C-mo just shrugs. Not too long after, I see Sleazy Red and Guido wandering towards us, with drinks in hand. It takes a moment to register that Sleazy and Guido, who were meant to be in Los Angeles at that very moment, were in Vegas for my birthday as well. Now, I am dumbfounded. Not only do I not have to be at work that day, I also get a trip to Vegas, a suite in the Wynn and now, most of my best friends with me too. Ace arrives with them, and divulges that he had slipped out to the airport to pick them up. At this point I am humbled by all the work that these guys have gone through for my birthday.

The rest of the evening is a blur of drinks, slots and cards. We leave the Wynn once, to wander over to Treasure Island, but returned as soon as possible. After the Wynn, TI just seems very low rent. It's hard to believe that Treasure Island was once one of the premier spots on the Strip.

Sat July 30 3:30 am
Chuckmonster and I head up to our room for the night. When we get there, we discover that house keeping had turned our bed down for us, even leaving a Wynn signature chocolate for each of us.

Sat July 30 11:00 am
I roll out of bed and grab the room service menu. I place an order for a big pot of coffee, a fruit and yogurt parfait for me and pancakes for Chuckmonster before jumping in the shower. The food arrives within 30 minutes, faster than most joints, and was set up, sans cart in front of the window. The first thing I partake of is the coffee and it is excellent. So good in fact, that coffee ends up being my drink of choice for the remainder of the weekend. The fruit and yogurt is tasty and the berries are fresh, but the star of the breakfast is the pancakes. The fluffiest you will ever have, guaranteed.

Sat July 30 1:00 pm
We meet up with Sleazy, Guido and Ace. Hit the tables for a spell and then head over to downtown for the Nug and Fremont Street.

Sat July 30 7:00 pm
Ace and I arrive back at the Wynn to catch Le Reve. We head up to the room to munch down on Trevor's treats.

Sat July 30, 7:30 pm
Ace and I are in our seats and the show has begun. Ace immediately goes into outer space and does not return for about two minutes. He pleads ignorance when asked what happened, but I know he is plotting to put together his own religion, I am positive of it. The show continues. It ends up being not very good, and definitely not worth the ticket price. Le Reve lacks the certain awe-inspiring routines of Cirque and just simply falls short. Both Ace and I, in a perfect state for visual stimulation, were bored. That speaks volumes, I think.

Sat July 30 9:00 pm
The gang meets up again and we hit the casino.

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You have got some AMAZING friends! That was a great story.... I think I'll pass it along to some of my friends to give them a hint as to what to do for my next birthday! LOL!


Perfect assessment of Wynn stayed there twice, since it opened. Only thing, comps r impossible to get. And playing on the golf course they r rude. Seems $5oo dollars spent is no big deal. It's probaly only an accomidation for "whales". Note, however, the Newer North Tower at Bellagio has almost as fabulous bedrooms, and MGM/Mirage is throwing out invites on their properties like crazy. I just received invite for 3 comped nites Halloween wk.-end. Also had 3 comped nites in Aug. (Yeah, I know it's hot as hell that wk., but Wynn discounted to $179.00too. I tend to go for g5 nites 4 day trips.) I play Black Jack, but don't get rated. I fool around w/ the 5 cent slots and get rated. Must have put in enuff for those comps, I guess. Didn't think so. Thank u Wynn for helping these other properties get aggresive looking for clients. All in all, I love the bedrooms at Wynn, but there is something about staying dead center in middle of strip. Ah , those fountains, now shoot up pass the height of the effiel tower.

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