Trip Report: Vegas Kidnapping

I was abducted to Las Vegas

Posted by Miss Monkay

TripReport: Vegas Kidnapping Ace shrugs, and goes back to his game. As I sit there I finally take a moment to really look around. The first thing is the chairs, which are unbelievably comfortable. The seats are soft but firm and have yet to be compacted by millions of butts over time. I hope Wynn will make sure the seats stay plush.

The slots are near the atrium walkway, which is covered with flowers. Arrangements hang from the ceiling but somehow, there is no overwhelming scent, which could account for some of the rumors of fakes. Untrue, by the way. The flowers are all real.

The Casino floor of the Wynn is very cozy, luxurious without the stuffiness. The natural lighting from the atrium lends some warmth that is missing from many casinos. Wynn atttempted this before with his Mirage property, but I believe that he mastered it at the Wynn.

Everything is done up in earthy tones and all appeal to the tactile senses. On my way to the bathroom, I noticed the walls were covered in crimped fabric, which was very soft to the touch. In the bathroom, I was further amazed. Each stall had marble walls eight-feet high and I had to run my hands over those as well. The sink was one long trough, slanted downwards and was also marble.

Not long after I return from the bathroom, C-mo reappears. We get up to stroll around and, as my suspisons grow, he leads us to the elevators. I try to catch his eye but he avoids me. The gig is finally up when he has to show a room key in order to access the elevators. He looks at me with a grin and hands me my red card key. We enter the elevator and C-mo ceremoniously hits the top button, the 60th floor. Both Ace and I are duly impressed. On the 60th, C-mo leads us to our suite right in the center of the building. I am amazed. The suite is beautiful and cozy. Flat screen TVs, (living room and bathroom), robes, slippers, monogrammed everything! I am in heaven!

I sit down and grab the room booklet. I ask Ace if he is interested in a show and I immediately call the reservations desk to inquire about possibilities. C-mo walks over to me and says 'Hang up the phone.' He shakes his head at Ace as he tells me that, as part of the surprise, he got tickets to Le Reve the next night. He tells me that he is all tapped out on surprises now as I ruined his last one. I sit there stunned, yet again, taking in my surprises. Ace eventually makes his leave and heads off to check into the Blue Moon and we plan to meet up later.

Friday, July 29 3:30 pm
Ace, C-mo and I are strolling through the Wynn deciding on where to have some food. We are scanning the floor when a familiar face comes into sight. Trevor, concert promoter and all around hippie is standing in front of us, in a suit, no less, with his arms open wide. We greet and Trevor joins us in the search for food.

Friday, July 29 4:30 pm
We finish our meal at the Terrace Point Cafe and Trevor casually mentions that he has some fungal treats for us should we want them. Since we had Le Reve the following evening, I readily agreed. We finished up our visit and Trevor hit the road.

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You have got some AMAZING friends! That was a great story.... I think I'll pass it along to some of my friends to give them a hint as to what to do for my next birthday! LOL!


Perfect assessment of Wynn stayed there twice, since it opened. Only thing, comps r impossible to get. And playing on the golf course they r rude. Seems $5oo dollars spent is no big deal. It's probaly only an accomidation for "whales". Note, however, the Newer North Tower at Bellagio has almost as fabulous bedrooms, and MGM/Mirage is throwing out invites on their properties like crazy. I just received invite for 3 comped nites Halloween wk.-end. Also had 3 comped nites in Aug. (Yeah, I know it's hot as hell that wk., but Wynn discounted to $179.00too. I tend to go for g5 nites 4 day trips.) I play Black Jack, but don't get rated. I fool around w/ the 5 cent slots and get rated. Must have put in enuff for those comps, I guess. Didn't think so. Thank u Wynn for helping these other properties get aggresive looking for clients. All in all, I love the bedrooms at Wynn, but there is something about staying dead center in middle of strip. Ah , those fountains, now shoot up pass the height of the effiel tower.

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