Trip Report: Vegas Kidnapping

I was abducted to Las Vegas

Posted by Miss Monkay

TripReport: Vegas Kidnapping Thursday, July 28 7:00 pm
Ace pops over in the evening to play some cards with me and Chuckmonster. We have dinner and sit then sit down for some Hold'em. As the evening wears on, I grow tired and start to go all-in on every hand. I stick around for 2 more hands before handing all my chips to Ace.

Friday, July 29 12:00 am
I say good night to the boys and excuse myself for bed. It's getting late and I have work in the morning. I lay in bed with The Daily Show, while the boys continue their game.

Friday, July 29 1:00 am
C-mo comes in to the bedroom and announces that he and Ace have something to talk to me about. When I ask what it is about, I am simply told to come out to the living room. I begin to worry that this is an intervention of sorts and my mind start to race. 'WTF', I think. 'Wait, Ace indulges, too! That hypocrite!' They sit me down and both look at me expectantly. 'What the hell is going on here?' I wonder. C-mo speaks first.

'You don't have to go to work tomorrow.'
'Say what?'
'You don't have to go to work tomorrow. We are going to Vegas for your birthday.'
*blink blink*
'I worked it out with your boss, it's all arranged. We are kidnapping you to Vegas. Your bags are packed, Ace's are in his car. We are taking the convertible and heading out to the
desert first thing in the morning. We have been conspiring for months.'
*blink blink*
'Where are we staying?'
'Stardust, I used our comps'

I am completely confused and it takes a good ten minutes or so for it all to settle in. I realize that I was so wound up by daily stress that it was a great idea for them to tell me at the eleventh hour. I probably would have freaked out if we headed to Vegas with no warning so a few hours lead time was just what I needed to let the surprise settle in.

Friday, July 29 8:00 am
Awake, showered, fed and 'bucks in hand, we hit the road in Otto, Ace's trusty PT Cruiser Convertible.

Friday, July 29 12:00 pm
After another 'bucks stop in Victorville, State Line was in our sights. A gas stop allowed us to stretch out legs a bit and thats when we noticed the crackling of electricity in the air. It was gray and cloudy, but humid. We had driven right into a lighting storm! We took old highway 91 into town and headed our way to the north end of The Strip.

As we neared the Stardust, I noticed that C-mo had directed Ace to the right lanes, instead of the left. My suspicions that we were in fact staying at the Wynn were beginning to grow. I had considered the idea the night before, but ignored it lest I was wrong. I did not want to get my hopes up. I casually ask where we were going. C-mo tells me that since we can't check-in yet he wanted to show me the Wynn. I accept his answer with some skepticism. Once parked, I linger by the trunk waiting for C-mo to grab our luggage, but that doesn't happen. We enter the joint and do a quick pass. I see signs for reception and pause, waiting for them to lead me that way. That doesn't happen either. C-mo leads us to some slots and we grab a couple empty chairs. Ace and I pull out a couple twenties and feed them to the machines. Engrossed, it takes a moment to register that C-mo has disappeared. I squint my eyes at Ace.

'Fess up. Where is C-mo?'
He shrugged innocently. 'Dunno.'
'He is checking us in, isn't he?'
'Is that what you think? You think you are staying here?'

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You have got some AMAZING friends! That was a great story.... I think I'll pass it along to some of my friends to give them a hint as to what to do for my next birthday! LOL!


Perfect assessment of Wynn stayed there twice, since it opened. Only thing, comps r impossible to get. And playing on the golf course they r rude. Seems $5oo dollars spent is no big deal. It's probaly only an accomidation for "whales". Note, however, the Newer North Tower at Bellagio has almost as fabulous bedrooms, and MGM/Mirage is throwing out invites on their properties like crazy. I just received invite for 3 comped nites Halloween wk.-end. Also had 3 comped nites in Aug. (Yeah, I know it's hot as hell that wk., but Wynn discounted to $179.00too. I tend to go for g5 nites 4 day trips.) I play Black Jack, but don't get rated. I fool around w/ the 5 cent slots and get rated. Must have put in enuff for those comps, I guess. Didn't think so. Thank u Wynn for helping these other properties get aggresive looking for clients. All in all, I love the bedrooms at Wynn, but there is something about staying dead center in middle of strip. Ah , those fountains, now shoot up pass the height of the effiel tower.

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