Photos: Wynn Las Vegas Strip Facing Panoramic View Room

What to expect from the top floor Panoramic View Suites

Posted by Chuckmonster

The flat screen TV angles out from the wall. You can watch the progress of the poker room table status live. The porn selection leaved a little to be desired though... mostly the standard "Juicy Asian Beavers 35" kinda crap. Why not some international or art porn? C'mon Steve we KNOW you've got it in ya. The cabinet below the tv houses the fridge, which is essentially useless... its a mini-bar for cold drinks. If you put your stuff in it it will charge you when you take it out. (it works on weight). Same goes for the candy and water tray on top of the mini-bar cabinet. The large brown thing towards the window is the air circulation device... it is surprisingly quiet and works like its brand new.

Even the pillows are monogrammed Wynn. We hear the mattresses are as well, but are too lazy to flip that shit over to check.

Bathroom: Large soaking tub. The water pours in through that overhanging lip thing to the left. You can fit 2 people in the tub... guaranteed!. Lots of face creams and shampoos and exfoliants and all that girly stuff on the counter. Plus a make up mirror to help you pick your zits or clip your moustache. It's barely visible in the photo, but there are subtle "night lights" below the sinks that gently illuminate the bathroom in the dark - non obtrusive very effective. The shower is to the left, its big and the nozzle is high up the wall (great for tall dorky guys like me who don't want to do the limbo to wash their hair).

To the right is the LCD tv that is mounted in perfect view of the tub. Unfortunately, you can't see it when sitting on the crapper, which is just through the doorway on the right (you can only see the moulding.)

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I am counting down the days until I check into my Panoramic View room on April 1st!!!

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