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What to expect from the top floor Panoramic View Suites

Posted by Chuckmonster

Room 6031, Wynn Las Vegas August 29-31, 2005 - 60th Floor

It pays to be friendly to the Reception Desk attendant. Beeing cheery and lighthearted works better than a $40 tip in my experience, if you prove to the receptionist that you aren't a dickhead like everybody else, they'll hook you up with a sweet suite. It also pays to check in as early as possible.

Room View facing in from window.

The door is to the far end, with the luxurious bathroom to the right. Also in that mini hallway is a closet featuring Wynn logo wooden hangars, bathrobes, bedroom slippers and dry cleaning bags. I'm not sure if they will handle your dry cleaning for you, but the bags are there. The paintings are Warhol replicas that really spike against the chocolate and beige colors of the room, I'm not sure if maybe they're a bit much - but at least they aren't your run of the mill hotel watercolors.

The love seat on the left is comfortable for two and the serving tray is already on the ottoman - probably to a) keep your drinks off the ottoman and b) keep your feet of the ottoman. Our only complaint is that the remote curtain switch isn't reachable from the bed, you have to get up to open/close the curtains and blackout drapes. The phone system has all the phone numbers programmed in via a digital interface, the phone by the bed is cordless.

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I am counting down the days until I check into my Panoramic View room on April 1st!!!

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