Lightning Round Interview With ESPN's World Series of Poker Commentator Norman Chad

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Posted by Chuckmonster

Anyone who's caught a lick of ESPN's World Series of Poker coverage over the past few years has had the joy and pleasure to listen to Norman Chad, the king of snark. Norman is an endless litany of bizarre comments, usually self depricating and always hysterically funny. He may say otherwise, but Norman Chad's wit is one of the main reasons why people actually stuck with the endless coverage of the 2003 WSOP and continue to tune in today. We caught up with Norman shortly after the conclusion of the WSOP and he was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions for us.

VT: If you re-arrange the letters of Norman Chad they spell many different words. If you had to change your name to one of the following Norman Chad anagrams, which would it be and why?
a) Monarch DNA
b) Corn Had Man
c) Damn Anchor

Norman Chad: I'm sticking with Norman Chad. I've had it 46 years and have yet to be convicted of a felony.

VT: You're the chip leader sitting in position heads up at the Main Event final table of the World Series of Poker, your hand is pocket 6d 6h. Both you and your opponent limp in. The flop comes 6s 6c 6d. What do you do?

NC: I would simply ask the dealer what beats five of a kind.

VT: Who would you "do" Rita Rudner or Celine Dion?

NC: Heck, I barely even touched either of my ex-wives. You think I'm going to "do" a complete stranger?

VT: Covering 7 weeks of poker at the WSOP must've been a truly grueling experience. What do you do to keep your wit so fit and your breath so fresh?

Norman: I watch "The Tony Danza Show" daily, if possible -- it takes care of both wit and breath problems.

VT: How many times did you visit the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio?

Norman: Zero. One buffet leads to another; I'm not going down that road again.

VT: Covering the 2005 WSOP for ESPN is a very similar assignment to Hunter S. Thompson's coverage of the Mint 400 for The Sporting Press in 1971. Have you and co-host Lon McEachern any Fear and Loathing escapades you'd like to share?

NC: Any time one enters the men's rest room closest to the poker room, it's a Fear and Loathing escapade.

VT: What's the difference between "color commentary" and "off-color commentary"?

NC: I don't provide either, so you'd have to ask a professional color or off-color commentator.

VT: That's it. Thanks Norman... anything else you'd like to add?

NC: I love to bowl.

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