Wynning Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing

The VT Review of Wynn Las Vegas : The Latest and Greatest Resort in Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

So whats with all this math? Well, to put it plainly, being a Wynnophyte costs money. A late night stock up at "The Drugstore" - three souvenier keychains, three Asahi beers, a pair of dice "used in actual play", a bag of tomato basil potato chips, a replacement Wynn Las Vegas coffee mug (Miss Monkay accidentally smashed the one I brought back for her from a the last casino-only jaunt at WLV) and a handful of other mint tins and candies resulted in an $81 charge back to the room. I probably could've just grabbed the beer and snacks from the auto-charging weight-sensor-equipped snack tray or mini-bar up in the suite, but who knows what kind of convenience fees may be tacked onto that device. A similar sized pretzel container (small) on the snack tray was for sale in the Drugstore for a daunting price tag of $8 - about 1/2 the price of the minimum bet at the craps tables just outside. But I knew, based on the Wynn experience, that the fist sized container of pretzels would very possibly be the best pretzels I had ever eaten in my entire life. I'm not complaining, I'm stating facts. $2.8 billion dollars gets you a lot of hotel, and the Wynn Las Vegas isn't a Salvation Army rest home for degenerate gamblers. It's a "resort" that is designed to pamper, comfort, thrill and most of all turn a profit.

Will I use the 14 inch long Wynn signature shoehorn hanging in the closet to cram my size 12 feet into size 9 Wynn signature slippers that came with the room? Will I lounge around in my Wynn signature bathrobe stirring the room service coffee poured from a Wynn signature decanter with a Wynn signature engraved spoon while catching up on the days print media courtesy of the Review Journal that came with room service? Will I drool Wynn shaped saliva trails on the Wynn signature pillow cases while ensconsed in the deepest and most restful sleep I've had in years - on a Wynn signature bedding set? Will I recoup the money from this trip by stealing all this Wynn signature stuff and putting it on eBay?

The proof is in the details. Proof of what? Proof of spending 2.8 billion dollars on a hotel casino resort, and one in which EVERYTHING bears the Wynn signature. Is this extreme narcissism or is this a seal of product approval - "We had 2.8 billion dollars to spend, and damn straight we bought the BEST stuff that is out there." Parlaying on this branding and product placement, the Wynn Las Vegas offers visitors the ability to purchase anything in the room via a small catalog enclosed in the standard resort information directory. Does it work? You bet... numerous trips in the elevator featured throngs of gushing money-to-burners fawning at the design and decoration of their individual rooms - all of them taking notes and making plans to build their very own Wynn signature paradise within the confines of their split-level spanish bungalows in Santa Barbara. I'd do it too if I had the loot, but then again, I'd keep the Wynn signature fantasy as just that - a fantasy. Take it out for a spin once in a while - a weekend rejeuveination trip to bathe in the posh information-age comfort zone tingle of the Wynn Las Vegas. Could I move into the Wynn Las Vegas a la Howard Hughes did on this very same plot of land during the Desert Inn days? You bet. If I had the bankroll, I might even buy the place and move a coupla Video Poker machines up to my suite because I can.

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I have started a Stay-At-The_Wynn fund thanks to this great feature. 2009 here I come! Whoo hoo!

I just finished reading your review of Wynn and wanted to take a second and say how well put your article was. I think you really captured the essence of what Wynn is selling and that is no easy task since the resort has openend.

I would also like to thank you, as I have thought about taking a 3 day stay there to indulge, and thats all it would be as the resort is out of my regular vegas budget, your article convinced me to wait on this, not for any negative connotations, but for the mere fact, that I enjoy the other aspects of Vegas rooms that I can still afford and fear that I would leave with the same impression you did.

One thing I tried hard not to do while at the Wynn was dwell too much on the costs. Expensive? Let's just say that even with the three free nights offer that came a couple of months later, I still couldn't afford to go back. Will I go back? In a heartbeat.

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