The VT Interview With David G. Schwartz, UNLV Gaming Historian

Cutting the Wire and Rolling Bones in Suburban Xanadu

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VT: Ok, enough with the academic mumbo jumbo, lets get down to business - the Lightning Round! We ask, you answer (without too much thinking...)

VT: Who would you do Rita Rudner or Celine Dion?

DS: My girlfriend would be pretty upset about that one.

VT: Ever had drinks with Mayor Goodman?

DS: No, but I was in line with him at the bar for the release party for Jack Sheehan's Skin City.

VT: Do tell...

DS: He seemed pretty friendly to everyone there.

VT: Best buffet in Vegas?

DS: That depends. It's not really a buffet, but I don't think you can go wrong with All You Can Eat Sushi--there's a few of them around the valley. For $25, you pretty much get to order all the sushi you can finish, and seaweed salad too. India Palace has a good lunch buffet. As far as casinos go, I'd say Aladdin and Palms, though I haven't checked out Wynn yet.

VT: Best-looking showgirls in Vegas?

DS: La Femme.

VT: If you could own any casino in Las Vegas which one would it be and why?

DS: Let's see...part of me thinks it'd be fun to own an older place, like the Riviera, because it's got that classic vibe. I've always thought it would be fun to buy the Boardwalk and turn it into a living museum, plus the creepy clown is awesome.

VT: Blackjack: Dealer is showing a 6 you have two 8's what do you do?

DS: I'm not up on basic strategy, but I seem to recall that you're always supposed to split 8s.

VT: Dave Schwartz' drink of choice is _______________?

DS: Water, especially in this heat. As far as alcohol goes, I prefer scotch on the rocks, particularly J&B.

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