Over The Boardwalk : Project CityCenter

Analyzing architectural renderings of the mixed-use sci-fi super city

Posted by Chuckmonster

Architectural Model - Aerial View from Aladdin/Paris

Here we see a fantastic rendering of the boomerang walkway. I wonder if this will actually make it to the final construction, its a fantastic idea, but it seems like it might require more "walking" than a straight-shot walkway. Possibly the walkway itself might be its own "attraction." The Harmon Blvd/Strip intersection has its own pedestrian entranceway. The horizontal skeletal spires jutting out from the building on the left mark the boundaries of the property neatly - a bookend if you will. From this angle we see that the South facing LED faces Northward as well on its opposite side. The main pedestrian entrance appears to be glass or another type of translucent material. Could it be a projection screen? A light show? A ufo landing pad?

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Holy Outerspace Batman!!! I wonder if the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina will be performing in the lounge.... that would be rad.

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