Over The Boardwalk : Project CityCenter

Analyzing architectural renderings of the mixed-use sci-fi super city

Posted by Chuckmonster

Aerial View from Over MGM Grand

In front of the minions of curved towers to the rear stands what might possibly be the main "hotel" of the PCC complex. Even though this is only a rendering, if the perspective is accurate this building's glowing LuXoR-like spire may climb to almost 70 stories. The strip-facing pedestrian entrance will feature two (at least) large (forward-sloped concave - yellow) projection or LED screens (Green, south strip facing). Also, barely visible in this photo is a roundabout "strip crossing" walkway that will connect to Cosmo, Aladdin and the block where Polo Towers and other currently are.

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Holy Outerspace Batman!!! I wonder if the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina will be performing in the lounge.... that would be rad.

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