Over The Boardwalk : Project CityCenter

Analyzing architectural renderings of the mixed-use sci-fi super city

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On May 9, 2006, the Boardwalk was blown to smithereens - another piece of Las Vegas history returning to desert dust. Yes, we loved the $3 blackjack and the grungy grimy joy of the place, and we can't get enough of Prince tribute act Purple Reign, but frankly, we couldn't wait until they blow this joint up.

MGM Mirage has been hinting at plans for the Boardwalk site forever, finally announcing the odd but apt working title Project CityCenter in mid 2004. Project CityCenter is slated to be a mixed use "roofless" complex that will include shopping, resort amenities, boutique hotels, casino and - gasp - condominium units for purchase. It will virtually surround Monte Carlo's north and west side and occupy all the space between Interstate 15 and the Las Vegas Strip between Harmon Road and Monte Carlo. Just across Harmon road lies The Cosmopolitan another mixed-use complex that will occupy a sliver of land adjacent to the Jockey Club (American Casino fans know this as the home of JC1K). In fact, the Cosmo will be built directly upon the Jockey Club's miniscule parking lot - forcing JC tenants to park in Cosmo's parking structure.

Judging from preliminary artist renderings and architectural models, the "themeless" Project CityCenter has the potential to be a landmark achievement in architecture and mixed use design. Will the slot machines payoff? Will the buffet be any good? Will real estate investors delight in the rise of property values? The answers to these and a bajillion more questions will only become clear as the oracle of the future unravels itself in its due time. One thing is for sure, Project CityCenter may potentially be one of the most futuristic properties ever built anywhere this side of the Death Star. I'll leave the prestidigitating aside and take a look at what we already know as of June 2005.

Step into the future folks...

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Holy Outerspace Batman!!! I wonder if the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina will be performing in the lounge.... that would be rad.

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