A Wynn-Win Situation

Our first photos inside Wynn Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Parasol Up Parasol Down
These decorative fixtures echo the famed painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

Another Stich In The Wall
The WLV's Casino is lined by a pleated and bunched fabric as well as large thick drapes at portal openings and corners. This is part of what we believe to be, WLV's conscious efforts to control ambient sound and quell reflective noises of gaming machines.

Texture #15
Many fresh wall textures adorn the shops and restaurants surrounding the WLV's casino and entrance area. This is just one of dozens.

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Comments & Discussion

Just spent 6 days at Wynn. It's definately a step above Bellagio (although no one will ever compete w/ the grandeur of B's fountains). The rooms are fabulous and the beds r awesome. Came home and had to buy new bedding immediately. Lots of problems yet. Check-in can be forever. There were no bellboys to help bring in luggage. Had to wait for room, but I refused to wait in line again to find out if room was ready, and spoke to a manager.Also, didn't initially receive the room aqnd view requested, so for last 3 days of reservation had a room upgrade. Desk people look like deers stuck in headlights for lack of proper training. Japanese restaurant waitress was so bad, that again I had to speak to manager and they comped the whole dinner. So, I'll be back for sure, but until things r ironed out speak up. (Oh, a cool thing-we had maid service sometimes 3 times a day by accident. They don,t have that together--o-- if ur t.v. remote is difficult get an engineer-not a new remote)

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