The VT Interview with Tim Dressen, host of Five Hundy By Midnight

The Original Las Vegas Podcast (No it's not an article on Fishing)

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VT: You seem to stay at the Venetian quite a bit, but you gamble next door at the uber-dump Casino Royale - which, in addition to being the lowest rent joint on the Strip, it has added a new definition to the term "musty" in the latest edition of Webster's dictionary. High-roller suites by day, grind joints by night... what's that all about?

TD: I like staying at the higher-buck places once in a while, but I'm a man of the people. I like to slum it a places like Casino Royale and Le Bayou. I've had some good times at Casino Royale. Give me decent video poker and/or good drink service and I'll play anywhere (except Circus-Circus). I tend to migrate to Casino Royale and Imperial Palace when I'm too buzzed to intelligently play video poker and turn to the slots for entertainment. I've won $250 on the Wheel of Fortune machines at Casino Royale twice.

VT: Ok... lightning round - we ask, you answer. Don't think too much. Here goes:

VT: Best Buffet in Vegas:

TD: Spice Market Buffet at Aladdin

VT: Describe the smell of the Plaza downtown in 3 words or less:

TD: Pissrific

VT: Last album you listened to in its entirety on your iPod:

TD: Devils & Dust by Bruce Springsteen

VT: We know that your game of choice is Video Poker... in your opinion the best Video Poker machines in Vegas are at:

TD: Caesars Palace (sort of)

VT: Cmon man... you can't leave us like that... explain.

TD: Well, I know other places have better video poker, but in terms of having the most machines I like to play in the vicinity where I usually stay, Caesars is up there. Barbary Coast is a close second.

VT: You're at Sahara and you want to get to MGM: Monorail or Cab?

TD: Monorail

VT: Favorite joint to stay at in Vegas:

TD: Venetian

VT: Westward, Ho! Megadog... tried it yet?

TD: No.

VT: Gonna?

TD: I'm considering it, but I think there are too many horrible jokes I'm opening myself up to if I do. I think Michele has already started working on a list.

VT: You wake up in your room, head pounding and still drunk... you can't bring yourself to focus on the room service menu, but your wife is hungry and on the phone with room service desk... what's your "default" room service breakfast order?

TD: Egg white omelette with tomatoes, bacon and cheese, wheat toast and a large orange juice

VT: More hoochie per capita: Palms or Hard Rock?

TD: Hard Rock

VT: Slots at McCarran Airport... yay or nay?

TD: Depends on the trip. Usually $20 in the Wheel of Fortune machines and $20 in a video poker machine before heading home.

VT: Biggest Vegas pet peeve:

TD: Groups of people who walk slowly while blocking the entire width of the sidewalk.

VT: And our final lightning round question: Which show has best looking showgirls in Vegas?

TD: There are showgirls in Vegas? Next thing I know you'll be asking me whether I've ever taken a day trip to Hoover Dam.

VT: Ever taken a day trip to the Hoover Dam?

TD: Uhh... no.

VT: Our final question and we'll let you go. If there was one piece of advice you'd give to someone visiting Las Vegas for the first time, what would it be?

TD: When asked if you'd like another drink, the correct answer is "yes."

VT: Thanks Tim for taking the time to chit-chat with us. We look forward to the next episode of Five Hundy By Midnight.

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