The VT Interview with Tim Dressen, host of Five Hundy By Midnight

The Original Las Vegas Podcast (No it's not an article on Fishing)

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VT: You seem to be quite the conisseur of booze, particularly varying flavors of rum, even more specifically the Captain Morgan's celebrity stand-in Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson says "moderate drinking is smart thinking". If you had your own brand of rum, say "Yeoman Tim's Spicy Delicious Rum" what would your call to arms be?

TD: Have another.

VT: Sometimes you mix your rum with 'diet' sometimes 'regular' coke... what tips the decision either way?

TD: Actually, I almost always go with diet. Mixed with rum, diet and regular taste the same, so I figure I might as well save a few calories.

VT: On one of your Podcasts, you mentioned that you were planning on posting a Podcast from Vegas during an upcoming trip, but included the caveat - 'all bets are off' when it comes to going to Vegas, you can't really make a commitment to anything when gambling and booze is factored into the equation. How do you know when the time has come to quit playing, stop drinking and get your wits about you?

TD: When it comes to gambling, I handle losing pretty well and always assume it's going to get better, so I rarely get rattled. When I start to grow really annoyed because I just can't win, I take a break. Michele, on the other hand, swears off gambling within the first two days of every trip. Luckily, she usually changes her mind later the same day. I'm pretty good about knowing my limits when it comes to drinking, but I usually have one night on each trip where I push it a little farther than I should (thus, the deep fried Twinkie experiment episode).

VT: Each Podcast downloads pulls about 20MB of bandwidth through your server... that probably adds up to a lot of server costs each month. Is there any way that listeners can donate to help you defray your server costs?

TD: Between bandwidth and recording equipment, I've spent a few bucks on this new-found hobby of mine. I recently added links to some Vegas CDs on Amazon. I get a small cut if listeners click through from my site before purchasing. I'll probably include links in this manner for books and music I discuss on the show (if I think it's worth promoting). I've been talking with a potential sponsor recently, so that may help with costs as well. If anyone wants to hawk their products on my show, I'm happy to consider it.

VT: Hunter S. Thompson described Circus-Circus as "what the whole world would be doing if the Nazi's won the war." I get the impression that you and he have the same opinion of Circus-Circus.

TD: Circus-Circus? You mean Satan's Toilet Bowl? I definitely agree with Thompson. If they ever implode that place, Michele and I will be flying first-class to Las Vegas to celebrate the occasion.

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