The VT Interview with Tim Dressen, host of Five Hundy By Midnight

The Original Las Vegas Podcast (No it's not an article on Fishing)

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VT: The title "Five Hundy By Midnight" is taken from the film 'Swingers'... what prompted you get into Podcasting, and decide what subject matter you wanted to present?

TD: When I first learned about podcasting in November 2004 and listened to a few podcasts, I was hooked. Growing up, I was a radio junkie but I became disillusioned with radio as it became increasingly homogenized thanks to Clear Channel and ABC/Disney, which own most of the stations. So, in recent years, I've listened to less and less radio. Suddenly, along comes podcasting, which allows nearly anyone with an idea (and some who don't) the chance to produce a radio show. The content is fresh and different-like radio should be. I was hooked. I knew I wanted to try it, and doing a Las Vegas show made sense because it's the one subject I can talk about for days without running out of things to say. Regarding the title, Swingers is one of my favorite movies-I watch it before nearly every trip to help get me in the mood (as if I need any help). So, I thought I'd pay tribute to the movie by co-opting that line.

VT: Most Las Vegas-related internet portals are owned and operated by folks who live in Vegas. They either work in tandem with the casino industry or within the parameters of casino approval (LasVegasAdvisor) or are partially owned by casinos (, are a marketing mouthpiece of the casino industry for 50+ years (Las Vegas Sun/ or are owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Tourism Board ( "Five Hundy By Midnight" on the other hand is a husband and wife team operating out of their living room 1500 miles away from Las Vegas. Some might say... "why should I listen to this guy about Vegas stuff... he dosent even live there?" What would your reply be?

TD: Five Hundy is unapologetically aimed at tourists and produced by tourists. The show's listeners have similar experiences to mine and can identify with my perspective of the Las Vegas experience. I get several e-mails every day from people who have heard me talk about being hounded by annoying timeshare salespeople on the Strip or getting taken for an unnecessarily long cab ride and have similar stories to share. And listeners who enjoy Vegas but don't get to visit very often e-mail me to say they appreciate the info-it will make their next trip better. I've even heard from several locals who said they enjoy my twisted take on their city. I supposed someone could argue that a tourist's perspective of Las Vegas doesn't cover the "real Las Vegas." It may not cover their "real Las Vegas," but for the majority of people coming in and out of that city, the tourist's Las Vegas is the real Las Vegas.

VT: Would you ever consider moving out to Vegas?

TD: I've learned to never say never, but I'd say it's unlikely. I would, however, like to move closer someday.

VT: I am asked almost daily when I'm going to move to Las Vegas, to which I reply: "Never." It's not that I don't love the city, but it is VegasTripping's philosophy that one cannot have an objective "visitors" opinion about Las Vegas if you spend too much time there. When the boundaries of permanence are crossed, the 'visitors' perspective is relinquished. What do you feel is the mission of the "Five Hundy By Midnight" program, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

TD: I think you've pretty much nailed it. The show's mission is simply to cover Vegas-related topics I find interesting or amusing and hope other Vegas fanatics are entertained. What's amazing is that in three short months, the show has already evolved. The first several shows were horrible. I was so nervous that I had to pretty much script the shows. Now I'm completely comfortable, so it has a much looser, more conversational feel to it. I've been able to record one full show in Las Vegas and several shorter bits that I'm incorporating whenever possible. And of course, Michele has joined the show as an occasional cohost. I intend to start doing more reviews of specific hotels, restaurants, books, movies, etc., pertaining to Las Vegas and probably incorporating some interviews as well.

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