The VT Interview with Tim Dressen, host of Five Hundy By Midnight

The Original Las Vegas Podcast (No it's not an article on Fishing)

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Some of you may be familiar with a gentleman by the name of Jello Biafra, political activist and former singer for the legendary punk rock band the Dead Kennedys. Biafra once said that the antidote to corporate control of information is for the common man to "become the media" - report truth on the ground using whatever tools are available to disseminate information - namely the internet, or in Dressen's case, an iPod and RSS syndication feeds. FCC be damned... the people own the airwaves folks even if the airwaves are bits and bytes.

The international Casino industry is a big f-ing business... and the powers that be limit access to information in much the same way a dealer protects the unused deck in hand-dealt blackjack. Gaming corporations believe, and rightly so, that the less you know about their business the better it is, and easier it is for them to seperate you from your hard-earned wages. Y'know what... they're right.

With the advent of the internet, things have changed... first with websites dedicated to strategy, email discussion lists, message boards, do-it-yourself internet publishing and more recently the blog boom and now Podcasting. Amidst the sea of disinformation, creepy popunder advertising schemes, spyware installing web pages and log-in only discussion boards that do nothing but harvest email addresses for spam - there are shining lights of really usable information for Vegas trippers. It's here that the people have the power, spam-free no-charge message boards like VT's Chit-Chat lounge, reader driven review websites like, and observational and analysis sites like Las Vegas Casino Deathwatch, Tim Dressen's "Five Hundy By Midnight - The Original Las Vegas Podcast" and the the joint your surfing through right now. In much the same way that bloggers have transformed the 24 hour news cycle with real-time observations in text, Podcasting is poised to be the higher bandwidth audiological step-brother of the blog - built for talkers and listeners rather than for typers and readers. Regardless of your media preference of choice, bloggers, publishers and now podcasters are changing the rules for gaming related tourism - and providing the Vegas tripper with un-paralleled access to primo information without that salty aftertaste.

All art-analysis mumbo-jumbo aside, Five Hundy By Midnight is a refreshing piece of audio journalism on one of our favorite subjects - Las Fucking Vegas - done up 'a la mode' by bonafide Vegas loving hubby and wife team, Tim and Michele Dressen (who even got hitched in Vegas.) A homespun hybrid of NPR-ish reporting after a coupla cocktails, FHBM offers insightful analysis of nearly every facet of the Vegas experience regardless of how many beers are no longer on the wall. FHBM has the boldness to call it like it is - bad bets, bad joints, bad service... but will still give props where earned. We can only hope that FHBM will continue to provide to the Vegas-loving world their humorous, yet personal, narrative that is more edgy and honest than anything you'll hear on traditional radio, more professional than net radio, and less expensive than Satellite radio.

We are proud to present the VegasTripping interview with Tim Dressen, host of "Five Hundy By Midnight".

VT: Hey Tim, thanks a lot for taking the time to chit chat with us.

Tim Dressen: Any time. I wish I had found VegasTripping sooner. It may have saved me from trying the deep fried Twinkies at Mermaids.

VT: Tell us a little about yourself... where you grew up, marital status, pets, boxers or briefs... you know the drill.

TD: I was born and raised in the Twin Cities. My wife and occasional-cohost, Michele, and I have an eight-year-old boxer named Abby. I'm indecisive, so I wear boxer-briefs.

VT: You currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, quite a long ways away from Sin City. What drew you to Vegas in the first place? How long ago? How often do you head out?

TD: My first trip to Las Vegas came in March 1997 when Michele and I got married. We started to plan a "normal" wedding but when things started to get out of control, Michele decided we should go to Vegas instead. I was all for it. We returned for our first wedding anniversary and had a decent time, but it wasn't until my brothers, my Dad and I took a guy trip to Las Vegas in 1999 that I really fell in love with the Vegas experience. Michele has since caught Vegas fever as well, and we're now up to three or four trips a year.

VT: You started the Five Hundy By Midnight Podcast in January 2005, first of all explain to readers who may not be aware, what the hell is a "Podcast"?

TD: A podcast is nothing more than a downloadable Internet radio show. What sets podcasts apart from streaming Internet radio shows is that listeners can subscribe to podcast feeds for their favorite shows using podcatching software that automatically downloads new episodes as soon as they are available. Podcasts are nothing more than mp3 files, so people can listen on their computers or on their mp3 player, or burn the shows to CD and listen on a CD player.

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