Ace Does Vegas, Blue Moon Style

Who will Ace get to meet? Will Ace win? Will Ace get some?

Posted by Ace Copland

Vegas never tires. Hell, it will never fail to impress me, for I am just an upper middle class kid from Minneapolis. After the overwhelming experience of driving in from LA, I was stoked that I took The Strip into town. Sitting in my PT overwhelmed by the flashy and almost garish display before me, I knew it was just not the same flying in. I told myself right then n' there that I would always drive into Vegas. I completely erased the memory of the March of the Tail Light Ants, RVs, the quarter pounder, unicycles, Bradley, and the rest of the shit back in the Cajon Pass. I didn't fucking care anymore. I was here. Ace was in Sin City, baby!

When I finally reached the north end of the strip at Sahara Ave, I turned left towards the Blue Moon resort. Getting there can be tricky, as navigating the bridge over the railroad tracks to get to the maze of side streets below wasn't easy. As a result, I got lost damnit. I didn't despair as I felt this could be a good thing, since I discovered the Cheetah's strip joint and a slew of other seedy adult establishments on the same access road that leads to the hotel. Nice 'hood, really. Yeah, sure the hotel was off-strip (yet in its shadow), but the sketchiness of the area somehow added to the allure of the Blue Moon.

I'm psyched.

When I finally arrived, Juan the night-desk manager, let me into the locked lobby of the hotel. It was tastefully decorated inside, as any boutique hotel would look. It was actually quite fantastic and I was impressed with the ambiance. Juan checked me in and gave me the low-down of the resort: the pool area out back & towels could be picked up there. By the elevator was the cafe and lounge that served a healthy menu for breakfast and lunch. They even served Starbucks Coffee. (Nice!) On the other end of the hallway from the lobby were the steam room, showers, and the education room. When Juan said this with a smirk, I had raised an eyebrow and wondered what that was... We'll get to that later.

After securing the key to my suite, I headed up to room 307. I discovered that it was fabulously large with a nice view of The Strip. The living area was tastefully furnished with the standard sofa & armchair with a large dark wooden armoire with sort of a plastic sheen in the corner. Sans TV. OK. I shut the armoire door and looked into the bedroom area which was quite nice with double doors leading into the room. There was an identical armoire inside, with a TV, this time. Of course, the pron needs to be close to the deb. (No, that's not a typo.) The walk-in closet was fit for a queen, for fucking sure! I then noticed the washcloth folded with an array of condoms and lube samples on the nightstand. That kicked ass. One thing that got my attention was that the bedspread was white. Umm. OK. I wondered how they could get the santorum out of all that white? I guess if they could do the sheets they could do the comforters, too. Whatever, I shrugged and headed for the toilet. I hadn't seen it yet and had to actually look for it, thinking maybe the door was in the closet. Nope, it wasn't there, so I doubled back to the living area of the suite and found that the bathroom was right by the door. OK. It wasn't exactly the best suite layout but hey, I took it. (Not like I'd be in the suite the WHOLE 36 hours.) The bathroom had a huge tub & shower with a separate area for the commode & sink. Righteous. I knew I was gonna have a great weekend. I sure felt lucky I dumped my shit in the cavernous walk-in closet and went out to get some mixer for my tipple (Malibu Rum and Diet Coke) before fixing a visit to the jacuzzi to soothe my sore muscles from the drive up.

As I headed out, I immediately saw the bright purple and red lights of the Stardust off to the distance. 'Yo! Showgirls!' I yelled... 'THE WORST VEGAS MOVIE EVER.' I've GOT TO give their slots a try. Hustling over the railroad tracks, I pulled up and parked in some self-parking lot on the far end of the property and decided to walk in and savor the moment of being in front of this legend. Looking up, I couldn't help but see Wayne Fucking Newton's show on the Stardust marquee. I LOVE the way the marquee is done, the 1950's style, baby! I ambled along and sucked on a Marlboro Light, and took in the glittering lightbulbs. All this glitz, but with a worn look to it. The casino's aged pretty much to a turnip... Poor Stardust. I wandered around the casino floor and found my usual $1 Double Diamond slots. An old man puffing away on a cigar was staring blankly at the flapping wheels next to it. I looked around, it felt like a freaking tourbus of oldies were around me. 'Ehh, it's Double Diamond, I'll try,' I muttered as I popped in a couple Andrew Jacksons and set to play. After three pulls, BAM, doubled my money. Yeah, I felt lucky. I decided it was time to cash out while ahead and go back to the Blue Moon. After all it was getting close to 3am and I still hadn't hit the jackpot.

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Yeah! Free Condoms and Lube! Alright!

Go Ace Go!

The Blue Moon is truly wonderful! There is no other place in Vegas i'd rather stay! Great story Ace!

Never managed to stay at Blue
Moon but day trips are
fun. Would like to stay at some point soon. Thanks

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