Ace Does Vegas, Blue Moon Style

Who will Ace get to meet? Will Ace win? Will Ace get some?

Posted by Ace Copland

As traffic began to flow, my mind drifted to my destination for the weekend, The Blue Moon Resort [ ]. I knew with every mile passed, I was getting closer and closer to Vegas and this was all I could think about. In the blackness of the 40, were glowing snow-capped mountains from the moonbeam, making it look like whipped cream on the infamous chocolate Stratosphere desserts as I sped past on the pavement. Visions of Vegas were entering my head, as I had a blank black canvas before me. I painted the windshield with every imaginable color as I tried to picture the scene that would be before me when I finally got there. Before I knew it, I had rounded the last pass and came into view of Stateline. Off to the distance, the sky was glowing with lights. Vegas was so near, I could feel it. The rythmic beat of the pavement below me vibrated through my every being. Even my toes were tingling with excitement. My ears were burning with anticipation. My lead foot was following traffic at 85-90 miles an hour. 'Fuck, let's get to Vegas already,' I said out loud. Per Chuckmonster's sage advice, I exited at Jean, Nevada and got gas @ the Mobil behind the Gold Strike and hopped on the old highway that runs along the interstate into Vegas. The key to this was to pass the old & historic WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS NEVADA sign, as I could NOT and would NOT pass this up, especially with this having been my first road trip to Sin City.

When Otto's clock hit 1:11, I entered Vegas. I felt pretty damn lucky. Dropped the top and put on my gloves (it was a cold 48 degrees but I didn't fucking care) and drove towards the strip with the neon lights blazing and the music blasting. 'I'm finally fucking here,' I screamed as I passed the classic sign and chills quivered through my body. I was in FABULOUS LAS VEGAS NEVADA. The chills didn't come from the cold, but rather the idea that millions of Angelenos had made their weekend pilgrimage and passed the very same sign since its erection in 1959. The draw of this place is enormous. Especially after spending the last four to five hours in the complete darkness of the desert, with my Lucky Moon traveling companion, it was refreshing to see so much light. The Billion Dollar Mandalay Bay and Luxor greeted me first. The sight of the Sphinx and the shaft of light shooting into the sky at my moon, brought back memories.

Holy shit.

I stopped at Tropicana Ave. Looking up at the MGM Grand, I never realized how big these fucking hotels are, with 5,000+ rooms. The Strip was teeming with activity and I was bewitched by what I had just driven into... fabulous Las Vegas. I glanced over to the Tropicana and noticed the blaring advertisement for the Folies Bergere. Classic. I thought maybe see a show? Spellbound by the neverending glitter of lights, I shook my head for a moment. My eyes still hadn't adjusted to the glare. The skyline of New York-New York and Miss Liberty jumped out at me as I glanced over my driver's side mirror. I thought of the last time I waited this long at a light was when I had to wait for President Clinton's freaking motorcade to pass in my DC days! Every time I stopped, which was at every fucking intersection, I would gander around and take in the breathtaking neon shapes and shades of The Strip. Paris and Bellagio were both teeming with activity. Hell, the whole Strip was just packed with people going from casino to casino. From table to table, they go. Hurriedly walking to the next resort. Drunkenly stumbling across Las Vegas Blvd. The TI neon sign barfed a technicolor yawn all over the hood of Otto and onto my face. I witnessed more patrons jumping up and down in excitement. I came upon the aging Boardwalk casino and I imagined riding its faux roller coaster above The Strip. I'd ride that fucker for all its worth zooming past the plastic mug of a 40 foot tall evil clown that loomed large. Something about the clown was incredibly sinister, I thought. I enjoyed looking at the delapidated structure just the same as the new flashy gambling houses. At least I was able to appreciate it before it gets demolished and replaced with MGM Mirage's Project CityCenter.

Before I knew it I came to the brand-spanking-new Wynn Las Vegas. Hot damn, when I saw that building, I knew it was the ultimate in snazz. A graceful and beautiful towering edifice - the copper color of the glass and the white chocolatey stripes really stood out. Even in the darkness, I knew this megaresort would deliver on its promise of 'casual elegance.' (With its fucking 8 billion dollar price tag, it better be a-highfalutin' !) My head was drawn upwards, entranced by the signature name of Wynn at the top, the way it was written in cursive and the sparkling lights... The curving tower also had its merits, it was almost as if the tower was wrapping itself around the floating disc that hanged over the Fashion Center across the street. I thought they complemented each other nicely.

As I moved up the strip, my sights were drawn to some of the older casinos north of the Wynn: Stardust, Circus Circus (more evil clowns!), and Sleazy Red's favorite joint, the Sahara. Pretty soon, I hear that these casinos are due for total revamps or spectacular implosions. (I vote for the latter - implosions are cool!) Now, the Stratosphere was off to the distance with its neon spire, and I was drawn to the verticality of the building. It looked a lot like the Space Needle in Seattle but with a flair of Sin City.

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Yeah! Free Condoms and Lube! Alright!

Go Ace Go!

The Blue Moon is truly wonderful! There is no other place in Vegas i'd rather stay! Great story Ace!

Never managed to stay at Blue
Moon but day trips are
fun. Would like to stay at some point soon. Thanks

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