Trip Report: Every Little European Boy's Dream

Dutch Boy Paints Vegas for the Very First Time

Posted by Miss Monkay

We awoke the next morning to a very chipper Cor, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Had some food and then hit the casinos again. We took him to the neon boneyard, showed him Vegas in the day and then hit Downtown. Once there, Cor spilt off and did his own thing, finding a video poker machine that appealed to him. An hour or so later, he finds us, raving about how he won back his $20 he started with the day before. This $20 would go on and serve his gambling needs for the rest of the trip. We got him on a blackjack table once, but unfortuanately basic strategy was not working out for him so he bowed out pretty quickly.

There was only one thing on the agenda left to cover: the cowboy hat. After some consideration, we settled on The Worlds Largest Gift Shop. He ended up with a nice brown sporty cowboy hat and while I didn't think it was possible, I believe his smile got even wider.

We made our way back to the strip and put the car to bed and hit the IP, Flam and upon Cor's suggestion, back to O'Shea's. We all split up, with Cor working on the video poker and some chicks at the bar, Cmo at craps and me at 3-Card Poker. We barely saw Cor until it was time to turn in for the night/morning.

We checked out the next morning, showing Cor the nifty video checkout, which impressed him and then headed over to the Hilton for the last excursion in Sin City: Quark's Bar and Grill at The Las Vegas Hilton, Star Trek Experience. Cmo got his standard Warp Core Breach, of course, while we ordered some lunch. A visit from Quark himself completed our meal and once we were done, we headed out. We stuck a couple $10 in the slots, but as usual, the slots at the Hilton just simply ate our money. Really, why do people gamble there? There are not nearly enough tables and the slots are tight.

We hit the road in the middle of the afternoon so Cor could get a good look at the desert. As we headed south on the I-15, he enjoyed the view from the passengers seat with his cowboy hat proudly perched on his head and a grin as bright as the Fremont Street Experience.

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