Trip Report: Every Little European Boy's Dream

Dutch Boy Paints Vegas for the Very First Time

Posted by Miss Monkay

We eventually pulled into the Flam, got our room and settled in. The room was much better than I anticipated. Since it was free, my expectations were low but as it turned out, we were placed on the 28th floor with a fantastic view of the Bellagio's fountain and the Strip. The floor to ceiling windows at the Flam really make a huge difference for the view.

After a couple of drinks we peeled Cor's face away from the windows to hit up O'Shea's for a Guiness and some video poker. We plunked ourselves down at our usual spot at the O'Shea's bar and got to drinking and gambling. I fed a $20 into the video poker/blackjack machine. I choose a particularly good one, with a 'Let it Ride' function for BJ. After a little instruction and watching me play for a spell, Cor gingerly extracted a $20 from his wallet and fed it to the machine. The questions came at first, but tapered off rather quickly. It seemed that Cor decided to figure out how to play by playing and it seemed to be working. An or so passed and Chuckmonster wandered off to check out the action on the craps table. I eventually lost all my money to the machine and decided to seek out a blackjack table. I asked Cor if he was interested and he was. He wandered around with me for a spell, and when I took a place at a table, he excused himself. Fine with me, I figured, since I prefer to gamble than entertain. I played for a while, winning, losing and then winning some back again. After some time, Chuckmonster wandered over, asking after Cor. We took off to search only to find him at the bar playing video poker again. He turned to us with a huge grin and said 'I think I got the hang of this.' and turned back to his game. Chuckmonster and I beamed; he made us proud.

When 3am hit, Cmo and I decided to call it a night. We headed back to the Flam and before we could hit the elevators Cor said, 'Are you going to bed? What happened to up all night?'

'Uhhhh,' we replied, busted for renegging on our word of playing the tables 'till 7 am, 'We're old, and the drive was long?'

'Well,' said our Dutch friend, 'I'm going back to O'Shea's. I'll see you guys later.'

And just like that, he was gone.

Hee. Confession time. Chuckmonster and I like gambling, strike that, we LOVE gambling. It is for this reason that we go to Vegas. We do not go for the shows, we do not go for the buffets, we do not go for the 'architecture'. We go because we like the look of clay chips on green felt. Now, history has told us that for every visitor we take with us to Vegas, we have to expect to do a little babysitting. It is the hazards of the job, but it has to be done. Generally, we get used to people standing behind us, watching what we are doing while we play. We got used to being followed around a casino for hours while our guests played nary a slot. This can be distracting, as you may or may not know. When Chuckmonster and I visit Vegas, it is all unspoken. We split at some point and hit what tables or games we want and eventually find each other after a couple hours. So when Cor simply disappeared to go play on his own, we were pleasantly shocked. We simply did not expect this from someone who had never even heard of Ceasars Palace and the Strip and yet there we were, the 'professional recreational gamblers' heading off to bed at 3am. The shame.

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