Trip Report: Every Little European Boy's Dream

Dutch Boy Paints Vegas for the Very First Time

Posted by Miss Monkay

It all started with an instant message.

Cor: I'm coming on holiday to Los Angeles and I want to go to Las Vegas. I need a convertible Caddy and a cowboy hat.

MissMonkay: You have come to the right person.

I worked with Cor in London years ago during the dotcom boom. I returned to LA when it was all over and Cor, back to his hometown of Amsterdam. He had never visted the west coast and was really looking forward to checking out 'The Vegas'. I began by quizzing him on what kind of Vegas experience he was looking for.

Miss Monkay 'Do you want to stay on The Strip or Downtown?'

Cor: 'Strip? Downtown? What's that?'

'We have a serious case of Vegas Virginitis on our hands', I thought.

The truth was, it was the worst I had seen. He knew nothing of The Strip, of the 'Bellagios' or Fremont Street and was unfamiliar with Bugsy and Sigfried and Roy.

The Flamingo seemed an obvious choice in this situation. It gave us a nice spot on The Strip, but was still part of the Old Guard. Plus, The Flam had sent us a room comp mailer a few weeks earlier. Chuckmonster called up the host department and even though the offer had officially expired a few days before, we were given a freebie with two queen-size beds for the weekend.

The day for us to leave for Vegas finally arrived about a month later. Chuckmonster, Cor and I hit the road at about 3:00 pm on a rainy Friday, in the middle of one of LA's wettest winters. Needless to say, the rain slowed our journey down quite a bit. Our sure-fire I-15 via I-210 route had backfired. Seven hours later we hit state line. The rain had cleared up enough for us to turn off the wipers which gave Cor a clear view of stateline. The lights of Buffalo Bill's and Whisky Pete's were reflected in the mini-lakes left by the rains. It was quite a pretty image and not a bad first impression of Nevada and pretty much made up for the nasty drive in.

We exited at Jean and took the old highway 91 into Vegas to give Cor his first bit of the history of the town. 30 minutes later we decended on The Strip. Cor's eyes were agog. He fumbled with his camera, all the while apologizing for his tourist behavior. We decided to cruise the full length of The Strip before doubling back to The Flam.

As we began pointing out each casino to Cor, we confirmed his V-virgin status. His knowlege of Vegas came soley from that one episode of Friends where Joey gets a job at Ceasars. Seriously, thats it! He was wide-eyed all the way down the Strip while he revealed that this is 'every little European boy's dream.'

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