Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas

Guest columnist Carl Johnson takes us on a tour of Las Venturas

Posted by Carl 'CJ' Johnson

The next day I got up and went to find some souveniers to take home to my homies. This is me outside the Worlds Largest gift shop. Most of the stuff they have inside is shitty... I did get a giant foam cowboy hat and an ashtray though.

My girl wanted to take a photo of me here. Bitch.

After I shot my girlfriend, I headed over to the V-Rock Hotel where they have some fine bitches at the pool. I ended up slapping skins in a cabana there. Yeeeeah.

After getting a BJ, CJ went to play some BJ - BlackJack. Bitch dealer busted on 15 - I won a benjamin and didn't have to shoot no one. Word.

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