American Roulette: Interview with International Casino Cheat Richard Marcus

The true story of a 25-year run ripping-off the world's casinos

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VT: There is a fair amount of interest in casino cheating these days, both on the side of the cheaters (mice) and the side of the casinos trying to stop the cheaters (cats). Have you thought about giving demonstration seminars for interested individuals, would that be against the law?

RM: You organize 'em and I'll give 'em! We'll worry about the law when we get to it.

VT: You show no remorse about your cheating activities, would you ever consider working for the casinos to help them spot and stop cheating scams before they take them to the cleaners?

RM: Casinos' money is as green as cheater's ill-gotten gains, so if the offer were right I'd certainly consider working for the casinos. I could probably save them a lot of money, mainly because the key to spotting casino cheaters is not knowing their moves but rather spotting their silent communication, which so few surveillance people know how to do. That skill comes only from experience. You don't fly a plane well just because you were good on the simulators. My eyes would do them a helluva lot better than their cameras and the rest of their billion-dollar surveillance systems.

VT: So, you've told your life story... what's next?

RM: Hopefully the movie. I am also now working on a novel called Blackjack One. It's about a hard luck, ex-felon blackjack dealer who is blackmailed by a crooked casino owner to cheat the casino's players. I'm considering developing a writing career with a gambling backdrop, much the way John Grisham has done with courtrooms.

VT: Thanks Richard for taking the time to chat with us... good luck with the book and 'Breaking Vegas'!!

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Breaking Vegas w/ Richard Marcus was amazing - great true story and ingenuity!

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