American Roulette: Interview with International Casino Cheat Richard Marcus

The true story of a 25-year run ripping-off the world's casinos

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: New Roulette cheat deterrents have sprung up in the last few years. Is there any way to cap a straight-up roulette winner that uses the 'balancing chip marker' like they have at Caesars now?

RM: I haven't seen this balancing chip marker so I can't tell you how beatable it is. I can assume that it is beatable, just like everything else the casinos use as deterrents. The original marker, which we called the chess piece, was invented to stop the past posting on straight-ups. But it only made the moves more believable when those with the wit and balls started slipping in the chips underneath the markers right under their noses. Joe Classon and his brother Henry were the first to do this.

VT: The sweep-in chip dumps also decrease the amount of time that a dealers' eyes are off the table - they don't have to snap and stack chips any more. This gives the roulette cheat a smaller window of opportunity to make moves. Are any of these new deterrents having an effect in the roulette cheats business?

RM: The sweep-in gizmo never had the slightest effect on us. That smaller window of opportunity you speak of is very slightly smaller, if at all. And when the dealer has a helper, that makes it even better for us, because they depend on each other and often they both miss the action - the main dealer tends to do an about face when turning to the helper, as if handing him the chips being swept on a silver tray. Plus the helper's view of the layout is quite effectively blocked out by the dealer.

VT: Is it any more difficult nowadays to do moves in casinos? - either picking up orphaned bets/swiping off the rail at craps, the famed 'blackjack move' or the Savannah (hiding a high denomination chip in an overhanging shadow of a chip stack so the dealer or eye in the sky can't see the denomination of the chip from their vantage point, and swapping it out with a similar low denomination chip before the dealer pulls away a loser)?

RM: Even though I wised up the casinos with my book, the moves can still be done very effectively today. That's for many reasons, some of which are: casinos are just too big to police; surveillance personnel rely too much on technology and not their brains; old-timer pit personnel retire and die off, taking a lot of their sharp knowledge with them; and perhaps the most important, cheaters in all their forces only rake a tiny bit of the profits from these mega billion-dollar-making casinos. It's kind of like shoplifting - how worried is Wal-Mart about shoplifters? So those with the wit and balls needed can still go out and do it.

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Breaking Vegas w/ Richard Marcus was amazing - great true story and ingenuity!

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