American Roulette: Interview with International Casino Cheat Richard Marcus

The true story of a 25-year run ripping-off the world's casinos

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: Making the moves seem like the easy part, getting out of the casino without being back roomed isn't. What advice would you give to someone who's being 86'd or back roomed?

RM: Keep your mouth shut. Don't bother denying anything. The simple sentence, "I have nothing to say without the presence of my attorney," is the only way to go, even if you have not been arrested. Just watch a few episodes of Law & Order to get this message.

VT: How long has it been since you've pulled a move in a casino?

RM: New Year's Eve, 1999...and it was a big one!

VT: Please, do tell...

RM: It was a double whammy straight-up at roulette (two $500 purple chips), done with a set-up to get the limits raised, for a thirty-five grand payoff. I can't give the name or location of the casino as that would be giving details of a specific Gaming Control Board infraction.

VT: Do you ever miss the thrill of victory, or is the agony of defeat too much risk for you these days?

RM: You bet I miss it. And even though I am retired, I can still do a 'Michael Jordan' and come back three times [from retirement]. If something extraordinary happened in the gambling world, such as the opening of casinos in Miami Beach, I might get the chips that I hung up at the turn of the century and put them back on. As far as the agony of defeat goes, I never thought about it then and surely wouldn't if I got back into the fun, which sometimes rivaled the money.

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Breaking Vegas w/ Richard Marcus was amazing - great true story and ingenuity!

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