American Roulette: Interview with International Casino Cheat Richard Marcus

The true story of a 25-year run ripping-off the world's casinos

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The only thing I have ever stolen in my life was a Chunky candy bar... ok, so I fudged my taxes a little too - everybody does. Truth be told, my pathetic devotion to honesty will probably be my own personal Waterloo... at the tables of Paris, Las Vegas no doubt. To put it simply, cheating isn't part of my gambling repertoire.

Richard Marcus, on the other hand, is an un-compromising, un-apologetic internationally reknowned casino cheater with balls the size of the Bellagio and more guts than the Vegas desert has un-marked graves (which he's lucky to not have a long-term lease on). In his truly fascinating book American Roulette, Richard spills the true dirt of his 25 year run ripping off the world's casinos from right under their eye-in-the-sky noses. No, you're not going to find this in the 'Gambling/Games' section of your local bookshop... you'll find it in non-fiction. Richard explains various casino past-posting moves (including capping a phat bet onto an already marked roulette winner by ganking the marker, plopping a chip on the stack, then replacing the marker with slight of hand that makes David Blaine look like Inspector Clouseau). We follow Richard and his past-posting teams to the finest gambling halls all over the world, Vegas, Monte Carlo, London, and an awe inspiring waterlogged getaway from a move gone awry on a riverboat casino. The team commits casino caper after casino caper barely escaping backrooms (sometimes not) Griffin Investigators, casino security and holes in the desert. It truly is hard to believe that this 370-page tome isn't fiction.

Ladies and casino cheats, we are proud to present the VegasTripping interview with Author/International Casino Cheat Richard Marcus.

VT: Hello Richard, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Give us a little a bit background information about yourself, for the people who have still yet to read your fabulous book 'American Roulette'.

Richard Marcus: I grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, and spent my youth flipping baseball cards for keeps, the first of my experiences with gambling, and then pulling teenage scams for pocket money and then some. I was in and around gambling during my high school days, often playing craps in the school cafeteria. You'd say that my childhood was ideal for becoming a professional casino cheater even though the thought never occurred to me before it actually happened.

VT: Your book 'American Roulette' chronicles your 25 year long spree 'ripping off the world's casinos'. Let's talk about the title of the book, as it is a fascinatingly subtle play on words. The rules for American Roulette seem to combine traditional, French style 'Roulette' and traditional 'Russian Roulette'. What are the origins of the title?

RM: Believe it or not, the title has up to now has hurt recognition. The new title in the UK is "The Great Casino Heist," which is due out March 24.

You're absolutely right in seeing my subtle play on words, but unfortunately the public has taken "American Roulette" as a guide for how to play roulette American style, instead of a memoir of a casino cheat. I guess you might say that in devising this title, I outsmarted myself.

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Breaking Vegas w/ Richard Marcus was amazing - great true story and ingenuity!

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