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Posted by Miss Monkay

The shrimp was not in the usual bowl, but on a long rectangular plate atop a mound of crushed ice. There were two glass cups on the end and one was filled with a spicy cocktail sauce (not quite enough for me, but I love my sauces) and the other was filled with dry ice and water to give it a smoking effect. It was gorgeous. There were 6 shrimp (one more than Hugo quoted) and they were intertwined in pairs. Chuckmonster looked at me with envy as I sampled one. He swears that he heard a loud *crunch* as I bit into it. These things were large, flavorful and fresh. I could only get through 3 of them before I threw in the towel. I wanted to make sure I had enough room for my steak. Chuckmonster had the task of finishing the last 3, which he didn't look to mind at all. Meanwhile on the other side of the table was Chuckmonster's Caesar salad. There was nothing fancy looking about it - perse, romaine lettuce, croutons and a crispy parmesan cracker on top, but the taste was fancy enough. His bite too, was an audible *crunch*. I tried a bite and discovered the crispiest, freshest lettuce I have ever tasted. Yep, that was a good salad. Chuckmonster mentioned something about 'genetically modified perfection' between chomps... I couldn't really understand him though.

For the main course, I selected the petite filet mignon (from a choice of regular or petite filet, New York steak and rib eye, I believe) and, after some goading by me, Chuckmonster opted for the lobster, baked. (Total now: $130.50. Lobster market price was $65 and the filet was an incredibly reasonable $32.) As with all other steakhouses I have visited (bar Shizzler), the entrees are ala cart and sides must be ordered separately. Mashed potatoes and asparagus for me and a baked potato for Chuckmonster brought our total to $139.50.

Hugo asks Chuckmonster if he would like his lobster cracked. He agrees and over in the corner a team of waiters attack is lobster. It is brought over to him and there is a mound of meat sitting in the shell. My filet is placed in front of me and is acutally a nice size, despite being labeled 'petite'. The asparagus is peeled and steamed to perfection (not too soft) served with a light but rich-tasting hollandaise sauce. The mashed potatoes were super creamy and buttery but paled in comparison to Chuckmonster's gourmet baked potato. It was a large potato and had a crispy, but not burnt skin. There were sprinklings of parmesan cheese on top. The potatoes itself was incredible. It was moist and fluffy. It tasted as though no moisture was lost at all in the baking process. Honestly, I have never tasted better potato. Gourmet baked potato - who knew?

The filet, cooked medium, was truly wonderful. It was very tender and was served with a spicy (horseradish?) sauce on the side, which I did not particularly care for. I prefer a basic butter, which I swiped from the breadbasket and melted on the steak. I was able to finish all but one bite, sadly. One bit further may have resulted in a Mr. Creosote/Monty Python Meaning of Life exploding body affair - even if it were only wafer thin.Chuckmonster on the other hand had no problem finishing his lobster, which he declared succulent and delicious. I was disappointed Hugo did not whip out a bib for him, but Chuck managed to not drip any clarified butter on his Sabbath t-shirt.

After our dishes were cleared, Hugo mentioned the possibility of dessert. I assured him that dessert was going to be had and I already knew exactly what I wanted. Chuckmonster gleefully pointed out to Hugo that I had it all planned before I even ate dinner. Damn straight. I ordered the creme brule and 2 coffees. (New total: $160.25) The coffee was good (unlike the sour brew we had the next morning in our room) and the creme brule was done perfectly. The caramelized top was not underdone and not burnt, which can be hard to master. The custard was creamy and cold and the berry toppings were a nice complement.

The Payout: Although our original plans of having our holiday in our room had to be scrapped we did not lose out at all. It was the best meal we had all year. Our bill arrived with a grand total of 172.27. We left Hugo 25% and hit the casino with smiles on our faces.

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I have also eaten at Bally's Steakhouse in 2009 and it was fantastic. I believe I also had Hugo, if he was the older gentleman with a French accent. I wasn't dressed to the nines either but I was treated great and left very, very impressed. I will be eating at Bally's Steakhouse for sure when I go back to Vegas in a month.

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