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Surf and Turf To Cure The Turkey Blues

Posted by Miss Monkay

The Agenda: To avoid any Christmas bullshit and have room service cater our holiday dinner.

The Digs: We choose Bally's, as their room service impressed us quite a bit in the past. At the counter we were offered an upgrade for $50 a night (no bribe). We bit. After studying the Fire Evacuation Map (and remembering the MGM Grand fire there in the 1980) we noticed that our room was the second largest on the top floor. Decked out with a waterfall jacuzzi tub, steam room shower and floor to ceiling windows taboot - offering a spectacular view of the south Strip. What an absolutely perfect spot for in-room dining! I immediately poured through the desk literature for the room service menu.

The Roadblocks: Upon checking in, we discovered that the room folder (which usually contains the room service menu) was completely empty - no pages, nuthin. After calling down for another, we received a full folder, sans the f-in menu, 30 minutes later. Another phone call ensued, and the 'menu' arrived another 30 minutes later guess what it was a photocopy with notes on it from a room service switchboard operator. Additionally, pages were missing and there was no mention of any special holiday dinner. The thought of calling again to inquire about this did not appeal to us. We were so hungry, Chuckmonster started gnawing on the myriad soap bars strewn about the spacious bathroom.

The Gamble: At this point we realized that it would take another hour for food to arrive if we ordered immediately. We decided that holiday dinner in the room was not going to happen and that we should venture out into the casino to see what was offered. Steak, not turkey was on the forefront of my mind. On the elevator down, we see a sign for Bally's Steakhouse. It is decided.

The Play: We worked our way through the casino and eventually found the Steakhouse tucked away in a nice quiet corner. We were not 'dressed to the nines' by any means, but we were greeted in the same manner as people who were. The MaitreD seated us, although he neglected to ask for our preference. It was not until after our drinks arrived did we realize that we were in a non-smoking section. Bugger. Anyhow, it was a proper steak joint, with white-jacketed waiters and crumb catchers. The menu revealed your basic (but expected) steakhouse fare: shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, Caesar salads, steaks and seafood. Chuckmonster bypassed his usual soda for a gin and tonic declaring that there is 'no way [he] would order a coke in this joint', while I settled for a large bottle of fizzy water. (Total so far: $11.50).

A basket of bread arrived and while I was dissapointed that it was not warm, it was nonetheless tasty. We had a nice variety of flat breads and rolls with soft butter (This is key. I never understood ice cold butter since all it does it rip your bread up.) Hugo, our soft-spoken waiter arrived to take our order. I decided to start with the shrimp cocktail, a standard of the steakhouse. Chuckmonster selected the Caesar salad, another old favorite. (Total so far: $33.50. Not bad.)

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I have also eaten at Bally's Steakhouse in 2009 and it was fantastic. I believe I also had Hugo, if he was the older gentleman with a French accent. I wasn't dressed to the nines either but I was treated great and left very, very impressed. I will be eating at Bally's Steakhouse for sure when I go back to Vegas in a month.

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