Nick's Picks 2005: Interview with Nick Christenson from the Las Vegas Casino Deathwatch

Boom, Bust or Ba-Boom! - what's up in Vegas for 2005 and beyond

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VT: Here's a tissue... So what's your game?

NPC: Primarily poker, but also video poker, blackjack, and the occasional game of Pai Gow Poker or Craps for entertainment.

VT: What's your poison?

NPC: Just about anything good. Fine wine and good beer are my preferences. Life is too short to spend any of it drinking bad booze. In the El Cortez it has to be Heiniken in a can.

VT: If you owned a casino, who would you book in the showroom? (dead folks are ok)

NPC: Well, assuming that the dead folks would be brought back to life, how could anyone top the Rat Pack circa 1960? If these guys stepped out of a time machine and were going to do one show in Las Vegas, can you imagine what the ticket prices would be?

Heck, even if they were still dead, they'd still be better then some of the shows I've seen in the lounge at Fitzgerald's.

VT: Do you have any other predictions/observations you'd like to share?

NPC: Your questions have been pretty thorough, I don't know how much else there is to talk about.

The most interesting trend I see is the stunning number of HUGE apartment/condo/timeshare high-rises that are slated for development along the Strip in the next few years. If these all go through the Strip skyline will be be unrecognizable ten years from now, with the exception of the Stratosphere. Is there really that much demand for on-Strip apartments? If there is, it changes everything.

VT: Thanks for chatting with us Nick, how about we get together this time next year and make some predictions for 2006?

NPC: It was my pleasure. These were good questions. A year from now you should feel free to come back and mock all the predictions I got wrong.

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I work at Circus Circus, and it won't be getting demolished for sometime. Actually, there's enough cash flow to renovate the place into it's original decorating scheme (Circus Colors, pinks, whites, reds, purples) that it had before the 1997 renovations. And other than that, MGMMirage needs a mid-level resort to send their customers to, and thats exactly what Circus is.

We frequent Las Vegas 3 times a year. Tried many hotels. Our favorite hotel/casino is The Flamingo. Location is the key. Can you comment on any future plans for The Flamingo. It needs some upgrading particularly in the vent system The air does not circulate well enough to handle all the smoke in the casino. Hopefully something will be done to help this problem. Other than that we are happiest there.

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