Inside JC2K With David DeMontMollin

The man behind Green Valley Ranch's New Years Eve UltraLounge Las Vegas Throwdown

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: Speaking of memories, remember the Art and Wine Festival? Seriously, did you see the lights before you ordered them?

DD: The lights that you saw only cost $100. I spent another $100 in twinkle lights that draped over the fabric between the art stations. The remaining $800 was to pull electricity from inside the construction zone of the new tower. When construction began, the construction crew cut the wires to the power on the terrace. I had all the art on one side because I was going to fly a large area light from the hotel tower to light up the art area. When Ralph wanted it Art, Food, Art, Food, etc. I had 24 hours to come up with an entire new lighting system. Getting enough power to 20 different areas without any wires in public view took overtime hours to set up. I think $1,000 was a steal for the hand I was dealt.

VT: Eventually, American Casino will end its run of fun. What do you think you'll remember about it 20 years from now?

DD: I'll probably be too busy planning JC50K by then to pause and reflect.

VT: VegasTripping and Green Valley Ranch are going to give away a Green iPod mini at JC2K. If you won an iPod, what artists would you load onto it?

DD: Barry White, Barry White & Barry White.

VT: You walk into a bar and the bartender says "What'll you have?"

DD: Ciroc Vodka on the rocks _ which just happens to be a sponsor of JC2K.

VT: Thanks again David for chatting with us. We hope all our readers will spend their New Years Eve at GVR's JC2K with you and the rest of the American Casino cast. We'll see you there!

DD: You're welcome. I'm sure that anyone who decides to spend his or her New Years at JC2K will have a great time and some lasting memories.

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I love the show American Casino.
Thanks for the update! I will be watching the marathon! Love Wayne! He is a riot! Miss Michael! Big hugs to his team.
Wish the Best of everything to VT and GVR in 2005!

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