Inside JC2K With David DeMontMollin

The man behind Green Valley Ranch's New Years Eve UltraLounge Las Vegas Throwdown

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: You gonna have someone dress up as Father Time and Baby New Year? Our bets are on the Chef Joe or Matt Sacca as Father and Ninya as Baby. She'd look good in diapers, wouldn't you say?

DD: The rumor is that Ralph Marano, the Assistant General Manager, will be dawning the Baby New Year outfit. I am still working on Father Time.

VT: Will the pool be heated for Shamu to make his New Year's dive? (It's coooold in Vegas right now - I-15 to L.A. was closed because of snow a couple weeks ago.)

DD: Wayne is a showman, I don't think he�ll let a little thing like cold water prevent him from entertaining his fans.

VT: Are you expecting many of the staff members to attend?

DD: The entire GVR management team works New Year's; it is the biggest day of the year for casinos. The entire American Casino cast members will be in attendance. So people that are coming to JC2K can expect to hang out with Shamu, the Boss, The Host, Ninya and the rest of the gang.

VT: Will the event be filmed for American Casino?

DD: JC2K will probably wind up being an entire episode. So every aspect of the event is being filmed, from the preplanning, to set up, the party, to the tear down the next morning. It�s going to be a lot of work, but I'm sure everyone will have a good time.

VT: Seriously now, in the spirit of "Auld Lang Syne", 2004 has been quite a rollercoaster ride for the GVR crew. Between the highs of American Casino's success and the unexpected passing of Michael Tata y'all have been through a lot this year. What are your some of your memories of 2004?

DD: If every year is like 2004, then my life is going to be interesting one. It has been a surreal year. Cameras following my every move, JC1K, Wayne's pool jumping, and the craziness of the LL Cool J concert will be some of the lasting memories. But I think JC2K will top them all off. It will be a fitting end to an unbelievable year.

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I love the show American Casino.
Thanks for the update! I will be watching the marathon! Love Wayne! He is a riot! Miss Michael! Big hugs to his team.
Wish the Best of everything to VT and GVR in 2005!

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