Inside JC2K With David DeMontMollin

The man behind Green Valley Ranch's New Years Eve UltraLounge Las Vegas Throwdown

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: You started the JC1K Ultra Lounge at the Jockey Club in Las Vegas, which also happened to be where you lived. How did you manage to live in an apartment converted into a lounge without going crazy? Did you have it open every night?

DD: I lived at the Jockey Club for three years before I converted into the JC1K Ultralounge. Since I grew up back east, I always have friends heading out to Vegas to visit. So I decided that in addition to hitting the town together, it'd be great to have our own place to hang out. So, ditching all my conventional furniture and going to a more unorthodox seating arrangement seemed like the thing to do. When we filmed the grand opening back in March, I never thought it would gain the notoriety that it has. I started letting people in all the time, I usually would not go to sleep until 4am in the morning.

VT: We hear that JC1K was so successful that you got evicted from the Jockey Club. Do tell... (Probably a good thing considering all the construction that will be going on for Project City Center.)

DD: I wish this part of the story was more glamorous but it's not. I had been renting, and the owner decided to sell. The buyer saw the view one night and paid an unbelievable sum of money for the apartment. The deal was done before I had a chance to make my own bid.

But for all of you that miss JC1K, I am in the process of placing all the JC1K decor on Ebay. The dice, the chips, the red velvet ropes and even the JC1K disco ball will be auctioned off. It all comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I am now developing a site for JC3K (since JC2K will be New Years at GVR), which will be my latest concept in apartment/nightclub living. This one will blow your mind. (Sorry, I can't let the cat out of the bag yet).

VT: Green Valley Ranch recently announced that they will be hosting a JC2K Ultra-Lounge party on New Years Eve 2004/5 in GVR's Estancia Ballroom. Everyone at VT was thrilled to hear about it, as were our readers. Who came up with the idea to have it at GVR? Is it open to everyone?

DD: The idea came from the whole team at Green Valley. Everyone kept getting asked about JC1K, and since it no longer existed we thought it would be great to revive the spirit for a New Years bash. The result is JC2K. Instead of an 850 Sq Ft apartment, I have over 11,000 sq ft to deal with. New Year's Eve also happens to the night of an American Casino marathon, so we will be showing the show on huge 16 ft screens. The event is open to the public, tickets are available for $60 each which includes JC2K party favors and a champagne toast at midnight.

VT: The Grateful Dead used to throw monstrous New Year's Eve shows. Often times they would fly over the arena in a giant spliff as the countdown began. Have you got any 'ball drop' tricks up your sleeve that you are planning for JC2K?

DD: I am glad you asked, the plan is to lower Wayne 'Shamu' Shadd into a tub of water at midnight. It will be a New Years Ball Drop that nobody will forget.

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I love the show American Casino.
Thanks for the update! I will be watching the marathon! Love Wayne! He is a riot! Miss Michael! Big hugs to his team.
Wish the Best of everything to VT and GVR in 2005!

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