Inside JC2K With David DeMontMollin

The man behind Green Valley Ranch's New Years Eve UltraLounge Las Vegas Throwdown

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VT: Do you have any recommendations of Vegas-related books?

DD: Right now, there is no book that truly has an unbiased opinion on Las Vegas. All the guidebooks are either ads or have no relevant information. I am currently in the process of writing a book that gives the truth about Las Vegas. - sign up for the newsletter and up-to-date information about the book.

VT: Do you gamble at all? What and where do you like to play?

DD: I enjoy all types of gaming, but if I had to choose one game, it would be craps. It is a classical game of chance. You can find me all over town from old grind joints to the new mega properties.

VT: So how long have you been working at Green Valley Ranch?

DD: I've been at GVR since 2003, I worked at other Stations properties for three years before coming here.

VT: That Wayne Shadd is a real cut up ain't he. Have you gotten him back yet? (For the uninitiated - David's boss Wayne Shadd played a practical joke on David and had one of the higher-ups at Station Casinos call David and tell him he was transferred away from Green Valley Ranch to one of its less lustrous casinos 'Fiesta Station')

DD: I have got him back already - it worked out pretty well. You will have to keep watching the show to see what happens. Wayne says it is now a 'vicious circle', so I have to watch my back now.

VT: The longer 'American Casino' is on the air, the better it gets. It must be wonderful to work with such interesting (and bizarre) people. What bits of American Casino shenanigans haven't we seen on camera?

DD: There was a party that the entire executive staff cross-dressed as Dallas Cowboy Cheer Leaders. It was actually pretty scary to see Joe, Ralph, Matt, Wayne and Bill Burt as women.

VT: You're notorious for shmoozing the ladies, but from our vantage point you haven't seem to have found the one that truly gets you. Is that still the case?

DD: I am not ready to give up the "Vegas Ladies Man" image anytime soon. This town is filled with so many amazing women that I can't bring myself to settle down with just one. Maybe I should go 'Hugh Hefner' style and have six girlfriends at once.

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I love the show American Casino.
Thanks for the update! I will be watching the marathon! Love Wayne! He is a riot! Miss Michael! Big hugs to his team.
Wish the Best of everything to VT and GVR in 2005!

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