Inside JC2K With David DeMontMollin

The man behind Green Valley Ranch's New Years Eve UltraLounge Las Vegas Throwdown

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Sometimes all it takes is a dream... and there is no other place in the world where more dreams come true than Las Vegas.

Take Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel... he dreamt that a little hotel out on Highway 91 could change the world (truth be told, there were other joints out on Highway 91 before the Flamingo - its just that none of them were sold to the world as 'mega resorts').

Take David DeMontMollin... please! (ba dum bum!) Seriously... he decides to open an UltraLounge in his apartment just off the strip... he dreams that someday it will be come a true Las Vegas event. Well shit fire it has! Green Valley Ranch is presenting a JC2K New Years Eve UltraLounge. Fortunately for David, he didn't have to get shot in the eye by Meyer Lansky's boys to have his dream (or the first steps in it) fulfilled.

So join us as we chat with David about JC2K, American Casino, being a ladies man in Vegas, and much much more...

VT: Hey David, first off thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Before we dig into JC2K and other American Casino goodies, how about giving us a little background information. Tell us a little about your childhood and what brought you to Vegas and the gaming industry.

David DeMontMollin: I grew up in Miami, Florida, I never thought I would end up in Las Vegas. I graduated as a Civil Engineer from Clemson University in South Carolina. The first casino I walked into was the Atlantis casino in the Bahamas when I was nineteen-years old. From the moment I entered Atlantis, I was hooked, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the gaming industry. Everything I did in my life from that point on focused on casinos. I spent my free time learning all I could about casinos, reading everything I could get my hands on, designing my own slot floors and traveling to Vegas. I went to Arizona State and got my MBA and moved here the second after I graduated.

I guess you could say I'm a casino freak. I decided to dedicate my life to casinos, I love working in a casino, it's a source of constant energy.

VT: My first casino adventure was at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, I was captivated the sounds, sights, lights, the table layouts, the carpets, the faux gold trim, the 'free' cocktails and the sheer size of the room. I nearly flipped out the first time I came to Vegas, it made Atlantic City seem like a cub scout meeting. From that point on, I had a thirst for knowledge about Vegas history, neon design, mobsters and gaming.

From a casino design perspective, which Vegas joints do you like and why?

DD: I love all casinos, but I really enjoy smaller joints, such as Barley's. It has the feel of a neighborhood bar but hosts all the action that you would find in a bigger joint. I would eventually like to own a smaller casino.

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