21 Questions with Hollywood Dave Stann

The one and only Bad Boy of Black Jack

Posted by Miss Monkay

19.) When we sit at a blackjack table, we always find that chatting with the dealer and getting him/her/it into a good mood really helps swing the luck in the players direction. I use the very boring, 'You been dealing long?' to get the conversation started. What's your best line to warm up the dealer?

DS: again -- fuck 'swinging the luck' or 'warming up a dealer' (unless she's really hot, like Tiki at the 1st World Series of Blackjack!). My only reason in talking to a dealer is to see if i can get him/her to warm up to me so they'll deal farther into the deck (so my count is more effective) or at the very least not out me to a pit boss when i make a crazy play at some ridiculously high count, like shove 10 times my previous bet out on the felt on 2 or 3 squares & start splitting tens like they're going out of style!

20.) Have you ever been bounced from a casino?

DS: Hell yeah. Wore it like a badge of honor the first time it happened, then not so much the 2nd time, and by the 3rd time realized that maybe this wasn't so good for my longevity at the game. But now that i'm all over TV as a card counter, there's no way in hell i can play cash games anymore. strictly tournaments and poker for me. every now and then i decide to just burn a shitty little casino until they figure out what's going on -- made $500 2 weeks ago at the Imperial Palace in about 20 minutes until the dealer informed me that they 'don't allow that here' (meaning card counting). i was like, yeah, yeah (cuz the count was +8 at the time & i really wanted to see the next hand before he reshuffled) and popped $5 on the toke line for him while lining up 2 $80 bets at the red chip table. he gave me a pair of 10s (which i resplit for 2 20's) and an 11 vs. his dealer 6. needless to say i doubled my own bet down as well as his $5 tip, and after he busted out and collected his $20 tip he didn't say a fuckin' word to his pit boss. gotta grease the wheels now & then, right?

21.) We will leave you with a question from one of our favorite drive-to-Vegas games: Who would you rather do: Courtney Love or Courtney Cox?

DS: Courtney Love, baby. I'm a Scorpio -- Courtney Cox wouldn't even begin to know what to do with me. In fact, make it a Courtney Love/Angelina Jolie/Hollywood Dave 3-some and you've got a deal.

VT: Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to seeing you compete soon!

DS: Rock on! i just qualified for the Million Dollar III finals this May @ the Hilton, so if you find sports book odds on who'll win that event, put your money on me! ;)

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Dave is so awesome! I hope he wins WSOB and doesn't come in 2nd like last time...I'll be cheering for ya!

I wish dave had punched meatloaf out on Celebrity Blackjack

Excellent! Thanks for the great interview!

thank you so much for this interview. v. fun and entertaining.

Dave, I Love you!!!! I watch you every chance I get...King Of Vegas was AWESOME!!! <3<3<3

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