21 Questions with Hollywood Dave Stann

The one and only Bad Boy of Black Jack

Posted by Miss Monkay

13.) I also see that you are starting to get quite the fan club. For all the lovers of your baby-blues out there, are you dating anyone? If not, I have a couple of cute friends I can hook you up with if you are interested.

DS: I'm too busy to date anyone seriously! I really enjoy meeting cool, smart, interesting, unusual, and hot people -- but until someone really knocks me out of my socks, my one true love is acting. If you think you know someone who can truly keep up with me, bring it on!

14.) Do you read a lot? Any favorite books or authors?

DS: I am very well read & though I've been focused primarily on gambling-related books lately, over the years I've studied pretty intently everything from the classics and theater to art and psychology. As a kid i was always reading 5 or 10 books at a time, and by the time i hit college it was a full time job. As far as favorites -- well, i really do love Shakespeare, but i'd much rather perform or go see him being performed. Especially 'Hamlet' -- god i love that fucking play. I've seen it so many times & although each production has sucked ass in its own particular way, there are little bits and pieces of each show that are truly original and flawless (except for the movie version of Kenneth Branagh's 'Hamlet' -- that whole film is simply amazing & better than any stage production i have seen). And after all these years, I believe i am finally ready to play the title role myself. It takes a certain level of life experience and growth to play that character, and I believe i have finally reached the 'Hamlet' plateau.

15.) Whats in your CD player/ipod/8-track right now?

DS: in my 6-disk changer out in my Saab (where i spend half my life driving around in this crazy city of 1000 freeways or commuting back and forth to Vegas) i have: Notorious BIG (Life after Death), Nine Inch Nails (Pretty Hate Machine), Hole (Celebrity Skin), Duran Duran (Greatest Hits), Matt Dusk (Two Shots of Happy), and Fat Boy Slim (On the Floor at the Boutique). Gotta love everything techno, hip hop, and 80's, with healthy doses of old school crooners! All about energy & style...

16.) Where do you usually play in Vegas?

DS: That's a difficult question, since i can no longer play blackjack after the barrings, Griffin, and the TV exposure -- the dark side of being outed as a counter. But for poker -- Bellagio and Horseshoe, hands down. Some good weekly poker tourneys @ the Mirage, Sahara, and Orleans. As for my craps vice (since i know i can never win that game in the long run), its gotta be the Nugget and Hilton. But for just hanging out & being the cool rockstar that i am -- nothing beats the Hard Rock, baby.

17.) Who would be at your ideal Celebrity Blackjack table?

DS: Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore, Jon Stewart, Christopher Walken, and 50 Cent. Oh and we can leave Shannon Elizabeth under the table to finish what she started the last 2 seasons...

18.) Do you get angry when people play against strategy at a blackjack table? Would you leave or try to adjust to their playing?

DS: oh man, please. fuckos who get pissed at ploppies who play the 'wrong' way are just morons. their 'wrong' play has the same chance of HELPING you as much as it does of HURTING. its just easier to point a finger when it screws the table up. one of the first things you do as a professional gambler is let go of the whole 'voodoo luck' thing -- its all a mathematical expression of probability theory and expected value over time. variance is the enemy, not poor players -- of which 90% of people playing blackjack are. everyone knows to double their 11 vs. a dealer 6, but how many know the correct play of a pair of 9's vs. a dealer 7 or a soft 18 vs. a dealer 3?

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Dave is so awesome! I hope he wins WSOB and doesn't come in 2nd like last time...I'll be cheering for ya!

I wish dave had punched meatloaf out on Celebrity Blackjack

Excellent! Thanks for the great interview!

thank you so much for this interview. v. fun and entertaining.

Dave, I Love you!!!! I watch you every chance I get...King Of Vegas was AWESOME!!! <3<3<3

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