21 Questions with Hollywood Dave Stann

The one and only Bad Boy of Black Jack

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9.) So, how's the acting going? I see that you have added a few more credits to your IMDB rap sheet. Has the exposure from blackjack helped your career?

DS: Very much so. When i was in theater school, i learned how to refine and build true acting chops, to be able to bring to life any number of characters onstage. but in the real world here in Hollywood, it is more about finding your own brand, or 'hook' -- those certain special qualities you bring to your craft that no one else does. Having such great exposure on shows like Celebrity Blackjack, World Series of Blackjack, and Vegas Challenge has really given me a platform to go crazy in front of the camera, to bring my own unique energy and persona to the light & now when people bring me in for auditions, i have the confidence and freedom to do what I do (and no one else does) for that particular role, instead of trying to guess what it is that the producers and directors want to see. and while i am not right for most roles -- the ones i do gel with are undeniably mine and no one else can possibly bring those same qualities to the job.

10.) Anything you are working on now?

DS: A short film called 'The Forest' that is festival-bound, and put together by the same folks behind the special effects for the 'Matrix' movies; also, packaging a funky show for the MTV generation that i would host and be less about the rigorous world of blackjack and more about my own fun-loving, devil-may-care personality. As far as blackjack goes, i've got my math nerd hat on and am writing a book on advanced tournament strategy, since over time i have adapted my own strategies and styles of play that are not found in any other book on the subject. We also just finished shooting the 2nd World Series of Blackjack @ the Golden Nugget in Vegas & it will start airing in January after the 2nd season of Celebrity Blackjack ends. The 1st episode is my preliminary round, so tune in & cross your fingers for me -- hopefully i can win it this year!

11.) Do you know who Dennis Woodruff is? Isn't he annoying?

DS: That fucker has come up to me twice now while i was eating here in LA -- once at Swingers and the other time at the Griddle on Sunset -- and tried to sell me his crappy home movies. Don't get me wrong, i applaud his gonzo spirit & actually do appreciate the trademark decorated vehicles he drives around in -- but everytime i've seen him, he gets such an attitude with me for not just forking over cash for some random film. I love movies -- i watch them all the time -- but i'm not gonna just buy a movie to buy it. i've gotta know something about it first! what a wacko. [Totally with you on this one. One time he stuck a mannequin leg over our lunch table on Sunset and then offered to sell us his video. We were all "Fuck OFF Woodruff. - Ed.]

12.) I hear that your started your own production company, 'boygirl productions'. When I google it, all the returns are for porn houses. Are you making porn? Awesome.

DS: you don't even know -- in another life, i'd totally be a porn star. shit, i'd be one in THIS life if it wouldn't totally ruin my acting career! but 'boygirl productions' (all lowercase) stands for the androgyny inherent in all of us, the similarities that make us all human. we 'explore the boundaries of artistic expression through the often experimental, explicit, unexpected, and unusual lens of cutting edge theater' (from Mission Statement). What do you expect from a guy who's senior Honors thesis in college was 'Directing Postmodern Ibsen'?? Secretly i am a total theater nerd & will one day dump a ton of money into my theater company and create ridiculously grandiose avant-gard adaptations of classics that involve filling stadiums with huge pieces of computerized machinery, modern dance segments, and fragmented, non-linear staging. And not give a damn if i make my money back or not (actually, there's no way in hell i would). i do it all out of love!

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Dave is so awesome! I hope he wins WSOB and doesn't come in 2nd like last time...I'll be cheering for ya!

I wish dave had punched meatloaf out on Celebrity Blackjack

Excellent! Thanks for the great interview!

thank you so much for this interview. v. fun and entertaining.

Dave, I Love you!!!! I watch you every chance I get...King Of Vegas was AWESOME!!! <3<3<3

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